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Fichtner-Related Graphics Post

Hey, long time no post. I haven't had internet on my laptop for a while, as I've moved to a new city/town/thingy and, although I do get to upgrade from dial-up to high speed (huzzah!), I doubt that the people originally living in this house used electricity much. I've taken over the lower floor of the house, and I think there may be approx. three electrical plug-ins and no phone jacks. So I get my internet on Monday.
I completely bombed a Biology test today, as I was inexplicably exhausted and I lost my Biology notes a couple of days ago.

But I did not post to discuss my boring life! Due to lack of internet, I have been screwing around on Photoshop and made a header and a 1280x800 desktop wallpaper, both Fichtner related.

The first is a Mahone/Sara banner:

Click for bigger, plz.

Lol, my friend's reaction to this was "Why're they hanging out together?" Mahone/Sara is my crack pairing, "crack" b/c it's screwed up and makes no sense, but it's completely addictive. Also, because the only thing they have in common is the fact that they're both recovering junkies.

The second is a 1280x800 wallpaper for WF's cameo in the Dark Knight:

Click for bigger, obviously.

Shooting clown criminals with a sawed-off shotgun isn't batshit crazy, it's just commitment to the preservation of capital! I've extrapolated the Gotham National Bank Manager WAY too much, considering he's only in the movie for six minutes.
You can tell that I've discovered drop shadows and have consequently gone crazy with them.
Bon appétit!
ETA: Goddamit, I always forget to credit textures. Er, I think these all came from sanami276. Bless.
Tags: alexander mahone, banners, headers, mahone, sara, sara tancredi, the dark knight, wallpapers
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