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Friends Don't Let Friends Blog Lazy

... But, incidentally, I don't have friends about to discourage from blogging lazy, so here I go.
Firstly, I would like to update on my various recent health problems. I was out of school for almost two weeks with something the doctors haven't been able to identify, even after a hospital visit and a long line of embarrassing tests, but which I suspect was a mild case of infectious mononucleosis (mono/glandular fever/"the kissing disease", and no I haven't been making out with any sick people), and, interestingly, with a side of panic attacks which my doctor is convinced is chemically-induced because I really do have a frikkin' easy life *yes, says "frikkin'", thnxverymuch*. 
My doctor prescribed me either Paxil (me: wtf, this is an anti-depressant) or  Xanax, which I am strangely excited about. Xanax is a brand name alprazolam, a benzodiazepene, and just because I have a one-track mind, it occurs to me that my favourite ex-FBI agent is/was addicted to midazolam, a benzodiazepene derivative. I am so pathetic and sad, but I cannot help it. I love that fictional man.

FOX owns my soul. I mean, 'Friends' is based in NBC and 'Dexter' originated of Showtime, but FOX airs 'House', 'Bones', 'Prison Break', and two of my new favourite shows, 'Canterbury's Law' and 'New Amsterdam'. Some thoughts on my three most recent television acquisition-type-thingies:

1. Dexter: I've seen three episodes so far. This show is looking really cool so far, even all cleaned-up for network television (it makes me lol with everybody saying "freaking" and calling each other "motherlovers", but I can always go for a lol). It's surreally funny and I love the Miami setting, makes me feel all sunny and nice.  I'm really excited about S2 because I think Frank Lundy may be a new FBI agent beau. My favourite character is Deb, and Harry is also really cool in the flashbacks, and Rita is a sweetie-pie. I get a little fed-up with Dexter's VOs always going on about how disconnected he is from the world, because it's hard to believe since MCH doesn't really let us see much of his alienation from mankind.
2. New Amsterdam: I've seen two episodes so far. I missed the first episode, which pisses me off. I love the little immortality gimmicks in this show, with his 65-year-old son and him having gone to Brown in his early years and suffered through PTS disorder multiple times because he's served in so many wars. I don't care much for Dr. Delane so far, I like his partner better.  I like how John's eyes always look so tired, it really enforces the idea of how many centuries he's seen.
3. Canterbury's Law: I caught this one premiering last night in Prison Break's old timeslot. At first I was annoyed by, well, how boring it was coming out of the gate, and also what is blatantly a play off of House and his Cottages. Good God, their Foreman is so Foreman he might as well be named Foreman. But I started to love it for each point that made it different from House: the fact that Canterbury actually cares very deeply about her clients and shows it, the facility of her romantic relationships (I actually love her husband AND Frank, which is a bit of a conflict). My favourite character is... well, you know, the Chase guy. Except that he's nothing like Chase. I pinned him first as a Chase, second as a Wheeler (from PB), and now I can't figure out who he is. And Canterbury is also awesome. That actress has got a lot of talent.

And just because I'm REALLY lazy, I've been going through S2 of Prison Break in a fit of MIP (mono-induced procrastination), and so I present to you my top ten favourite S2 Mahone lines:

10. "I never stopped loving you, Pam. Ever."
I snuck this line in here because, besides the fact that I love the line and its delivery, I am forever and always an Alex/Pam girl. This line melted my heart along with Pam's, and it managed a nigh impossible feat -- it cut through Pam's memories of a frightening and borderline-psychotic Alex and brought her back to the romantic Alex she knew from the earlier years of their marriage.

9. "Don't you ever mention his name again."
This line is delivered when Agent Kim lets Alex out of the cage at the power plant, drops a broad hint about Alex's son Cameron, and finds himself pinned to the fence by his neck. The way Fichtner delivers the line is very simple and matter-of-fact. It's not an order -- it's a statement. He WON'T ever mention his name again. (And doesn't, if I remember clearly.) The physicality of the delivery needs no added threat, exlicit or implicit. Just, you will not do this. That's all.

8. "Why, because you had to stay up all night during residency? Because the bass player dumped you in front of the whole sorority? Yeah, you and I got a lot in common."
This is the first of two lines that are delivered during the hotel room scenes between Alex and Sara, where they have a little heart-to-heart about the fact that they're both junkies. Besides the fact that it's a funny, snarky line that takes a holier-than-thou Sara down a peg or two, I like this line because it underlines the idea that pretty much nothing passes as a good reason to be a drug addict until you see the shit Alex has had to go through. It's really a miracle that he waited until his late forties to start chucking back pills. What the fuck are you complaining about, Sara?

7. "It's very quiet down here."
The second of the lines Alex says to Sara in the hotel room, when Sara predicts that under such strong medication, Alex must feel like he's walking underwater. It's a very vulnerable line, and it says a lot about Alex's experiences with prescription drugs. Listen to me, "it says a lot" -- what does it say? It enforces the idea of a muffling blanket that has isolated Alex from his fellow human beings ever since he murdered Oscar Shales, and the solitude that he's inflicted upon himself.

6. "Yeah, just like that. Say goodbye."
This would have been the coolest end to the eternally irritating Agent Kim if those damn henchmen hadn't shown up. "Like a double-cross." "Yeah, just like that. Say goodbye." There's a better context for the line. I believe that after so much grief over killing Shales, Abruzzi, Tweener, Haywire... Mahone would not have had any troubles popping that little prick.

5. "I don't want either of you. I just want my life back!"
An iconic Mahone line, and actually one of the first Prison Break lines I ever heard, since the beginning of 'The Killing Box' was what inspired me to start watching Prison Break. I love how Fichtner explodes on the second part -- in fact, I always love it when we're shown bursts of Mahone's explosive temper. This line expresses some of Alex's frustration at being constantly mistaken for someone with malicious intent against the Fox River 8. He's just trying to get to point B.

4. "Have a good day, Kimmy."
Hee, groggy Mahone is funny. I like the idea of Alex having a quiet giggle over Kim's problems. Schadenfreude in a hospital gown never looked so good. Also, I'm reminded of the story Reggie Lee told on the S2 commentary about the fan in the grocery store who called him "Kimmy".

3. "Don't you let anyone scare you... into doing the wrong thing."
I never knew I loved this line so much until the other day when I was re-watching 'Panama' and I started crying at this line. Preceding it is one of the most alarming "I'm so mad at you I'm going to make out with you" fake-outs ever, and those are always fun. What really gets me is the desperation of the words Alex says in Wheeler's ear and the sad look he gives him after. It seems like Alex had resigned himself to being hated and distrusted by his colleagues (and the entire country) and being doomed to exile, but he couldn't resist that last warning; and the warning doubles as a clue to the long arm of the Company, and the fact that Mahone is not entirely to blame.

2. "Get her a donut. Can we get her a donut? Get her a donut. Get her a dozen donuts! Lock her up!"
Forget shouty!Michael; shouty!Mahone is so much better. This line is... well, it's hilarious, that's all. It's not a clue into his psyche or anything. It's just bat-shit crazy Mahone being bat-shit crazy.

1. "Looks like you need to work on your clearance level, Dick."
ILU, line. Really, the best part of the line is the "Dick", which is really the best verbal bitch-slap ever enunciated, and I've never seen it accurately duplicated. It's moments like this where Fichtner's flawless (and subtle) comic timing really shines, even with what little he's given by the writers in the way of humour. Funny how Mahone is always funniest when he's pissed off. I can watch this line on repeat ten times in a row and never get tired of it. Also, I now always call Sullins "Dick".

Hey, I did warn you. I am srsly lazy today.
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