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Merry Family Day to All

... and to all, a good three-day weekend.
I hope you all spent as much time as possible with your families on this silly made-up holiday, whether you wanted to or not. I got an hour with my father, playing Boggle and teaching him how to use the text-messaging feature on his cell-phone, and then I went to see 'Step Up 2 the Streets' with my mother and sister.
'Step Up 2' is, as expected, a little light on plot, but --  as expected, again -- the dancing is always fun to watch. At the beginning the thought "I think I may be too white for this movie" kept running through my head, but I learned to stay focused all through that crazy "street" slang once I realized that all the actors in it were also too white for that over-embellished dialogue. Including the black people. I loved the character of Moose, who is adorable, and I think the last dance sequence in the rain is worth sitting through all the strained lead-up.
But who am I kidding? It's Monday, after 9pm, and I'm posting. Obviously, I'm going to talk about Prison Break.

Happy Finale! I don't think I have too much to say about this episode; after all, the episode itself was no nearly so awesome as the glimpse it gave to season 4. Also, Mahone was only in it for two scenes. Bugger you, writers.
On a side note, I am a bitch while watching Prison Break. My sister, who has not seen any of season 3, came downstairs and started playing Game Boy beside me part-way through tonight's ep. Within five minutes, I yelled at her for her creepy mouth-breathing and she stormed upstairs. Heh.
Again, I don't have too much to say about S3E13, "The Art of The Deal". After a looooooooooong vacation, I can confirm that T-Bag is BACK, BITCHES. I was mad at him for killing Lechero but excited to see the old ruthless T-Bag who actually DOES things instead of just talking about them. I got mightily tired of seeing Sucre beaten. I expect everyone is, and someone ought to tell the writers that all these endless torture sequences accomplish is to numb us against future brutality.
Speaking of coming home from vacation, Michael, while no longer hot, is back on his game. As far as I can tell, the last time we had a truly cunning Mike was back in season 1. I particularly enjoyed him snatching the plastic arrowhead and smashing the glass case. Though one wonders why the museum just didn't... check the security footage? Oh, forget it. I'm really lousy at pointing out the outlandish contrivances that are PB's calling card. My belief is permanently suspended.
I thought that the character interaction twix LJ and Sofia was actually pretty cute. I wonder how old Sofia is -- I gather from IMDb that Danay Garcia (July 5th, 1984) is actually younger than Marshall Allman (April 5th, 1984), but that doesn't mean much, as Marshall is playing a 16-year-old and Danay is playing a woman old enough to be dating Chris Vance without being creepy. Does this mean I ship LJ/Sofia? I dunno. I still don't like Sofia, but even though I love LJ, he seems better matched with her than anyone else does. Unfortunately, it seems as though LJ's dad is probably going to be the one to get her. Yeah yeah, Linc. Fuck you, too.
It's really extraordinary how even in an episode like this that had max 5 minutes of Alex screen-time, his scenes seem to blow up and take over a good portion of the hour. They made the episode for me.
I kind of dig Alex's new look... well, it's interesting, I'll say that much. His hat, for one, is adorable. I like the idea that Alex just got tired of greasy hair so decided to flop on a wide-brimmed hat (and also it's a mini-disguise, I know). It reminds me of my trip to Honduras when I went two days without showering on the long trip there, so I borrowed this big, floppy hat from my friend and wore it the rest of the way. Ew, greasy hair.
But I digress. Mahone's decision to throw in his chips with Jimmy and Gretchen may be the most exciting development to occur on Prison Break in a while, at least for me. When I realized that my three favourite S3 characters were going to be going on this show's most fun-filled, family-friendly road trip EVER, I squealed with delight. This is going to be AWESOME. Jimmy, Gretch and Alex... I am actually jealous that I do not get to go with them. So much fun.
There were a lot of rumours flying around about this episode -- that surpise cameo (rumoured to be the return of Kellerman, C-Note or Sara, depending on who you were asking) was a let-down to say the least, with a lame S1 flash-back, with no new footage at all. Suck. But the most intriguing spoiler to me was the one that said that someone was going to get a happy ending. The way I saw it, it could have been one of two characters: McGrady or Alex. For some reason, I got myself totally steeled and at-peace for the happy ending to be Alex. That may have something to do with the fact that in the original script for S2's finale, Alex successfully framed Mike and Linc for Agent Kim's murder and had a happy ending with Pam and Cam. The writers decided they wanted to use Mahone a bit more, so C-Note was spared from his original death-by-hanging and given Alex's happy ending. So, I was all ready for Alex to leave, and I thought I would be honest-to-goodness, completely and purely happy for him.
But this is so much better. I am really not ready to see Alex go, even if it does mean squabbling over the television in my university suite/dorm.
It surprised me a little, after going to the mat defending every negligeably evil act Alex has ever committed, to be so pumped for him to jump back over to the dark and bad-ass side. This may be because it was difficult to root for Alex when it could be argued at any point in time that he was opposing or supporting any given character. This is definitive: I can root for Alex, Jimmy and Gretch and boo Mike and Linc from the side-lines.
I truly cannot WAIT for PB: season IV.
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