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Shipping Meme - PB

Hey, cool, a meme! I shall base it entirely on Prison Break.

Name six ships you like:
1) Alex/Pam
2) Tweener/Debra Jean
3) T-Bag/SMF
4) Miles/Kacee
5) Kellerman/Sara
6) Alex/Lang

Three ships you used to like but don't like anymore: (Please do understand that none of this is meant to bash. So don't take it that way.)
7) Mike/Sara
8) T-Bag/Susan H
9) Linc/Jane

Three ships in your various fandoms you don't ship:
10) Sucre/Maricruz
11) Whistler/Sofia
12) Linc/Sofia

Two ships you are curious about but haven't actually started shipping:
13) Linc/Gretchen
14) Mike/Nika

1. Why do you dislike #11 so much?
Jimmy is way too cool for Sofia. Sofia is dull and whiny and has bad complexion and is really simple and stupid. Jimmy is awesome and hot and multi-layered and intelligent. I can't imagine how they ever got together.

2. Who is someone you know that ships #13?
Haha, I know Dominic Purcell probably does. Well, he just wants his character to get laid.

3. What would be your ideal scenario for couple #3?
Yay, T-Bag should go on the run with her!

4. What is your favorite episode for #1? Try to pick just one.
Ah... well, funnily enough, it's Unearthed, even though they never talk or speak or are in the same room with each other. Pam talks to Mike about Alex, and it makes me see how cute they might have been.

5. How long have you been following couple #6?
Since Lang turned up to offer Alex the chance to testify against the Company.

6. What's the story with #8? What made you stop liking them/caring?
Mostly I just stopped caring when T-Bag moved on. I don't think she ever got him, because she couldn't see past the whole paedophile rapist thing.

7. Which ship do you prefer: #2 or #4?

8. You have the power to make one ship nonexistent. Choose from #10 or #12.
Well, I would say Linc/Sofia, but then Sofia would go back to Jimmy. If I could make the ship nonexistent by eliminating both characters, I would do that. Otherwise, I'd take out Sucre/Maricruz.

9. What interests you about #14?
Mike/Nika is just very tragic because it's a tale of unrequited love with a very colourful backstory.

10. When did you stop liking #7?
I started to wean myself off of Mike/Sara when I learned that Sara wasn't going to be in S3. By the time S3 actually started, I was over them completely.

11. Did your waning interest in #9 kill your interest in the show?
Ha, no. Linc/Jane was an interesting potential romance that never came close to fruition. Had the writers gone down that path, they may have made me care about Linc. Most people don't even know who Jane is.

12. What's a song that reminds you of #5?
Er... I dunno. I often do that with songs, but applying a song to Kellerman/Sara has never occured to me.

13. Which of these ships do you love the most?
Alex/Pam. It's my OTP.

14. Which do you dislike the most?
Whistler/Sofia. It makes no fucking sense to me.

15. If you could have any of these two pairings double-date, who would it be?
Alex/Pam and Miles/Kacee. Both couples are so cute, and would get along great if they could get over the fact that Alex tried to kill Miles and threatened to kill Kacee.

16. Have #2 kissed yet? Elaborate if you'd like.
Yeah, they have. It was a sweet first-kiss kind of kiss, very innocent. And then they had sex, lol.

17. Did #4 have a happy ending? If the show hasn't ended yet, do you think a happy ending is likely?
Miles/Kacee have had the only happy ending in PB history.

18. What would make you start shipping #14?
Well, if they brought Nika back, for one. I actually think she would fit in really well with S3.

19. If only one could happen, which would you prefer--#2 or #6?
I'd rather Alex be with Pam, so I'm going to say Tweener/Debra Jean.

20. You have the power to decide the fate of #10. What happens to them?
Sucre returns to Chicago and they have their happy ending with their (fake) baby. And we never hear from them again, plzkthnx.

Well, that was fun. Toodles.
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