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Bleargh, Shreddies

Hello. God, staying up until 2:30 last night reading recaps and saving icons was a REALLY bad (not to mention pathetic) idea. Consider me exhausted, especially because the two giggly 12-year-olds were up at an obscene hour giggling about their ridiculously sweet waffles. Yeah, they made waffles. I was like, no thanks - SHREDDIES. Shreddies always seem appealing, but end up making me feel gross. And now I am thirsty.

Back from drink. I am currently making friends all around Livejournal. Also, I may or may not be kicking ass and taking names. There are a lot of journals that I've creepily lurked around and never actually said anything, because I haven't had an account and am creepy, but now this is somewhat rectified. I love the Friends page. It's cleared up my Favourites a lot, and it's very convenient.
Hey, you know, 'The Great Gatsby' is very good. Just in case you haven't heard. I am enjoying it immensely, in part because I didn't expect to. It's quite funny and almost modern in a way.
Oh, my God, did you hear? Sarah Wayne Callies isn't coming back to Prison Break in Season III! Argh! I feel like punching something. MiSa is half the reason I watch Prison Break. Ah well, there's always old episodes to swoon and/or pout over.
September is so action-packed. Especially with all the new TV seasons *is a sad, pathetic person*. I am very excited for the new season of Avatar, starting with the episode 'The Awakening', which airs at 5 PM on YTV on the 21st. We get it before the Americans! Haha! I relish the idea of 3.5 hours of knowing more about Avatar than those Yanks, with their fanart and their icons that I had to avoid when they had season II and we did not, humph.
I don't see why artists always have to put watermarks all over their work. They are so stingy. Yeah, I know, if they want to make money they can't have people just printing off their stuff willy-nilly. But don't they know that the ugly watermarks take away from the pretty for people who aren't interested in prints?
I'm just pissed at this piece by meronine on dA: which is gorgeous but has four ugly watermarks on it.
OMG, this is so perfect:
I especially love Remus kissing Teddy and Harry holding him in the other picture. So cute.
I've also started 'Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures' by Vincent Lam. I am reading it for my English culminating activity. Lam is actually from Ontario, and went to Toronto for medical school. The book is a collection of short-ish stories using the same selection of characters, starting with them getting into medical school. This feels all very pertinent and exciting, since I too want to go to medical school and become a doctor. Maybe I'll get some pointers.

Ergh. It is becoming very difficult to download this one picture of reallycorking's, which keeps stopping the download half-way through, and then I have to wipe the cookies and start over. It's because this extra tab is open, so I'm gonna wrap this up now.

Tags: art, atla season iii, avatar, bloodletting & miraculous cures, books, harry potter, hp art, medical school, medicine, pb season iii, prison break, sarah wayne callies, the great gatsby
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