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The Writers' Strike is Over!

Obviously I am terribly late picking up on this wonderful news; truthfully, I've known for a while but haven't had much to say about it except WOOHOO. I know some people are saying, it's a tentative agreement, that doesn't mean it's over, but really any Hollywood union agreement is going to be tentative, especially with the WGA. Any agreement is liable to collapse. I just really, really hope this one hangs on for a while.
On to what this means for TV: I found a great, comprehensive link that has the scoop on every major show's plans for the rest of this season. Unfortunately, there is no news on Prison Break, but I'll keep going back to that page until I hear something definitive.
Here's the link:
ETA: Okaaaaaaaaaaaay, it's POTENTIALLY ALMOST over. Jesus Christ, make up your minds already. However, the writers are probably already working on projects and scripts unofficially, and that's all I want.
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