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To celebrate my acquisition of a proper media player that can take actual screenshots, praise hosannah, instead of the blank black things you get from WMP (psst, it's called VLC Player -- and it is excellent), I present you with two wallpapers I made. Both are 1280x800.

The first is a present to my friend Moss, congratulating her for receiving early acceptance to Waterloo, when she thought she wouldn't get in at all. Silly Moss. I told you so. Lyrics are from 'My Moon My Man' by Feist. 

The second is just for me, so I couldn't care less if you say you don't like B&W, because I love B&W.  I think it looks priddy, is all. Anyway, I'm using it to inspire me to write that new fic about the Mahones and the Franklins. Lyrics are from 'You're Wondering Now' by Amy Winehouse.


Feel free to use.
Oh, btw, I got accepted to both the University of Waterloo and the University of Western Ontario. For those who know anything about these two lovely establishments, where do you think I should go?
Tags: alexander mahone, amy winehouse, c-note, fanfiction, feist, franklins, mahone, mahones, michael, university, wallpapers
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