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'Pologies for the all-caps heading, but I am so happy. I have been missing S2 Alex like crazy (and, now that it comes to it, S2 Mike too -- he used to be so COOL, y'know, he was all on the run and wasn't the greatest dresser but it didn't matter cuz we all thought he'd look great even wearing a paper bag and now all we have is sweaty pallid monkey-face man. Sorry, end tangent.), and now what, haters? HE'S BACK. I love how he just strolls up to Whistler & Mike all, yessiree, I have finished my shortest-withdrawal-on-record (except for Lost's Charlie -- NOBODY can top the way he kicked that heroin habit in two days) and am ready to PLAY.
One of the best Alex lines evar was in this one, the "we're not two chicks in a bar you're trying to pick up" thing. I'm not going to try to quote it cuz all I have is my mediocre memory, but it was awesome. I lol'd.
ALEX: Whistler. James. Yes. It's a lovely fish story. But hey, guess what? Nobody cares. Now, stop trying to hit on me & Mike and get back to work.
WHISTLER: *pouts* *goes to try and find Lechero to tell him his fishing stories*
Poor Whistler. He just wishes SOMEONE would be fascinated with his is-he-or-isn't-he-a-fisherman? backstory thingy. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Whistler. I just do not really care whether or not he is a fisherman. And not just because Alex has decided that nobody cares. So I kinda hope (in vain) that Mike's just humouring him with the last line, all, NO. YOU ARE LYING. HE IS SO A FISHERMAN. No? Not a fisherman? Well, you have a point, no fisherman would be named Gary Miller or be born in a land-locked area because clearly Gary and Miller are both non-fishy names and fisherman don't have the capacity to, y'know, MOVE so that they can be near water.
Woah. My stomach will not shut up. I am going to go get some food. Honey-Nut (Flavoured) Cheerios. No longer with any sort of real honey or nuts, I guess. Hopefully that will placate my grumbly belly.
Speaking of belly: Bellick is the new Prison Break comic relief go-to guy. I'm really glad, because at the beginning of the season he was just painful to watch, he was so pathetic. But whenever Bellick starts thinking he is hot shit, that is when he is awesome. What's the actor's name? Man, I forget. That is not like me. Anyway, he is comic gold. Somehow you can tell just by looking at his face the exact words that are going on in his head. Like back in S2, right before he started contemplating shooting himself at his mother's house, he just made these... movements with his face. And you could tell that in Brad's head, he was voicing belligerent, retrospective comebacks to the asshats who fired him. I dunno, it's just awesome. It's also great because Sucre has totally lost his touch. he is no longer cute or funny or even likeable. His Maricruz trigger is weaker than ever and I would not even stand for the bullshit of threatening her life if Gretchen wasn't such a bad-ass.
WHICH. I must finally admit. Gretchen is awesome. Although I am not so much impressed with her language skills, especially as someone who claims to be part of a multi-national evil corporation-type dealie (Sucre = Sugar. NO. NOW I KNOW THAT YOU ARE LYING TO ME.), I have actually always dreamed that someone would start calling Sucre 'Sugar'. It is srsly filed away with my fondest PB fantasies. Back to Gretchen: her lines "I'm a cynic, Sugar." and "WHAT? WHAT, JACK-ASS?" sent me into convulsive giggles. And she's kind of settled into her M.O. of killing people via beheading, as Sona!Alex has become infamous for his neck-breaking thingamawhoosit.
Sammy's dead! It was too bad that the writers didn't even bother to build ANY sort of pity for Sammy. Besides those who loved his headscarves, strange mesh shirts (and ugly-ass vests and the little moustache, ILU Bellick) and probably-fake accent (did anyone else notice that when he put the gun to Lechero's head, his accent completely vanished for one line?), i'll bet not too many people are sorry to see him go.
T-BAG. Where'd you go? I miss you so! T-Bag is still not back, and I am getting annoyed. Much. All he did here was talk to people! His role, basically, was to try and convince Bellick to chicken-foot Sammy (chicken-foot, btw, is now a verb). He is now no more evil than that older brother who would smack you around on occasion and always makes you look bad in front of your parents (never had one of those -- I'm the oldest of two, and my younger sibling's a sister. Maybe that's ME, then.)
I love Alex so much. OMG! Cameron's picture! What does this MEAN? Is Mahone going to be swindled back into the Company once he gets out? If this is the beginning of another blackmail from the Company, I shall be peeved. On the other hand, I am thrilled that Pam & Cam may be being weaved back into the storyline, because the Mahones are my OTF (one true family) and I am an irrational fan of Pam. Earlier I couldn't figure out why Alex was suddenly so up-and-at-em, but maybe he was inspired (and threatened) by the picture.
There are many brackets in this post. Parentheses ahoy.
Lol, this girl in my English class got sooper mad at me today because I kept snickering during her presentation at all of her mispronunciations. She kind of blew her top a bit when she pronounced Bastille prison "ba-STEEL" and Amy & I both hiss under our breaths the correct way to say it. Of course, she and Amy are BFFs or something, so I get the brunt of her hair-trigger temper. I mean, granted, it's rude, but it's what I DO. I *always* snicker my way through other people's presentations, because I find a weird kind of humour in school (laugh to keep from crying?) but usually people don't hear me. In this case, we were all huddled around the teacher's desk like we do in English, b/c we are a family (Awwww! Last day as a family tomorrow! *sobs*), so everyone heard everything I hissed under my breath. My english teacher pretty much made me present next because I had been snickering. And then I corrected my presentation partner's pronunciation (alliteration!) part-way through. (Ghil-o-teen instead of guillotine, in case you wondered.)
That's not the best way to end the Best English Class Ever -- my exam is tomorrow and I am kind of sad, because it was an awesome class. This week is exam week, but I have it pretty easy: English tomorrow, Chemistry + French Grammar on Wednesday ( I rock @ french grammar) and finally French Composition & Oral Conversation on Thursday. My French exam has 4 parts (the first part, Listening, was today) and is Not Of The Lord.
Anyway. I shall not talk of my life, since it is boring.
BFFs! Alex is pretty mcuh everyone's BFF here. Well,
Alex + Whistler = BFFs AND
Alex + Mike = BFFs
... which is quite a feat b/c sometimes being Mike's BestFriend requires you to be a total bitch to Whistler, see: "chicks at a bar" line. LOL. But Alex is apparently playing the field and manages to have awesome scenes with both Mike & Whistler. For Whistler, there was that scene where he gives the wet cloth to James to help with his ouchies (poor whiddle fisherman) and then when he's all, yeah Michael, wtf is up with your engineering skillz? 
And THEN comes right back and is all, btw I totally knew you did that with the peg, good job killing a guy. Plus when he's all, water under the bridge, Mike had his chance to get rid of me but we're chums now. Me through the entire episode: "OH MY GOD. BEST FRIENDS." b/c anyone who knows me, knows that I heart best friends. Now all I need is Alex + C-Note = BFFs and my life will be complete. Which I am going to write about. AND Pam + Kaycee = BFFs, and Cam + Dede = BFFs, because they're both such cute families. Yes, I know I said that I was writing a House + Wilson = BFFs fic, but I am so excited about this new one that I am going to put it on hold. Besides, I can't write ANYTHING until my exams are over and done with, and then I have ten days off with no homework (except math, which is screwed up, don't feel like explaining it. It's a whole big Advanced Placement story.) 
Um? (Everything Outside Sona) - (Gretchen) + (Michael) = (Boring)^2. Heh, I am a nerd. I kind of miss that General guy but, I'm not sure if anyone noticed, if he had fulfilled his obvious purpose that he would be something of a Deus Ex Machina. I mean, except a little less contrived b/c it totally makes sense for the prison general person dude to want to know wtf is going on in his prison. So, shut up, me. Only I just don't think he would have gelled with the rest of the cast, undermining pretty much all the bad-asses that make up the cast and whathaveyou.
Best Alex shot of the night was when he came up to Mike's cell (shirt buttons gradually being misplaced and sternum shined à la Linc) and went to look out the cell window to see if there was a sinkhole in the yard. I dunno, he just looked really hot there.
ERIN: Oh. Dear. Jesus H. Christ. You have no business being so hot, Bill Fichtner. None at all.
My sentence structure is deteriorating because it is sort of late. 11:10. Well. Not that late. But late enough so that my mum, early sleeper that she is, would be pissed if she knew I was still on the net.
I'm really pissed that apparently you don't see QUITE what the Cloverfield monster is (I had my money of a huge six-finned whale, like that picture I posted a while back); I sort of want to see it but I'm not looking forward to the motion sickness that everyone says you get unless you take a Dramamine. I don't have any Dramamine, and am not drug-savvy. Is Gravol similar, or does that just put you to sleep? *stops before she embarrasses herself further*
You know what's awful? Trying to top up your pay-as-you-go minutes for the first time on Rogers. I tried for pretty much five hours straight before I managed to access the page where you put in your credit card number, only to discover that my mum's credit card expires in 01/08. That is, right now. Fortunately, the minutes still seem to be updated perfectly well.
Er, I'm trying to think what else happened on PB... atrocious memory again, you see. Argh. Well, Whistler was boring and kind of a whiny ponce. Also, I don't mind terribly that Mike and Linc's relationship is strained right now, because Wentworth plays it nicelt and subtly and it mixes things up b/w them a bit. Also, it gives me a good excuse not to care about Linc. Which I don't.
And Sofia, of course, is merely repeating variations of "I just don't know what to think anymore!".
Okay. Well, I seem to have exhausted that topic and all others that have been on my mind. Ciao, bella.
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