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Post-Christmas Post

So, Merry Christmas! How were your guyses' Christmases/[Insert winter celebration of your choice, if applicable]? Mine was great! I thought it would suck, because this year we didn't go to my aunt and uncle's, and we didn't see my grandmother or anything, and I bought presents for, like, three people, I was such a Scrooge. Plus, my dad just moved out of the house so although he was visiting Christmas day, he wouldn't be there in the morning when we open our stockings and gifts. But judging by this year, being totally stingy and selfish (and broke) actually improves things drastically. The Christmas dinner was superb, as my mother knocked one out of the park with her dressing, gravy, chicken, potatoes, pumpkin pie, etcetera. I also got a great haul this year, which may have something to do with the fact that it is the first time EVER that I have posted a list of things that I'd like to receive on our refrigerator. So, I got a bunch of stuff I asked for, for a change. Of note:
- 'Making Money' by Terry Pratchett. Its prequel, 'Going Postal', is one of my very favourite books. I am really getting back into Pratchett, and it makes me particularly sad that he has been diagnosed with early onset alzheimer's. I just finished 'Thud!' which has my favourite Discworld character, Sam Vimes, in it, and is awesome. Anyways...
- 'I Am America (And So Can You!)' by Stephen Colbert. So far it's pretty inane, even by Colbert's standards, but it's light reading and despite myself, I am enjoying it.
- Some cool clothes, including green ROOTS sweatpants, which I have now worn two days in a row. Awesome comfy.
- Lots of BURTS BEES. Man, I love me some Burts Bees. Y'know, the lip stuff that is like mid-way between lip chap and lip stick. I got a bunch of colours. Woohoo.
- 'The Bourne Ultimatum'. We watched it last night, it is still awesome. And I noticed something else, but I'll come back to it later.
- Lots of small, less exciting things, AND...
- Black MOTORAZR V3!!!!! Woohoo! I have a cellphone. And see my icon? We match. Me and Mahone, we match. I also tried stuffing my sleeping pills into this awesome pen I got, but they didn't fit. *is kidding* *or is she?* *no, she's totally serious*
It's got very good reception. Usually no signal can be obtained where I live, because we're kind of remote, but it seems to be working fine. It is my baaaayybeeee. It is bee-yoo-tiful.
Also, I noticed that a lot of people in 'The Bourne Ultimatum' have my phone. Clearly, it is a phone for kick-ass people. 
Okay. So. That wraps up that highlights. We didn't actually DO much, as such, on Christmas day. Mostly, my sister played her new Mario game on her DS. And I figured out my cellphone. I should give it a name...

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