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I am... fairly gaping. I keep making little gasping noises.
The situation does not warrant it. I am blowing things out of proportion. 
Did you know... I did not know this. Did you know that Bill Fichtner has a blog? 
So I get a Google Alert for it, and I'm like, wtf, it is some person pretending to be Bill Fichtner on this blog. But. It isn't. It's him. I know because entries match up with what I can gather about him -- his hometown, the fellow actors he hangs out with, his favourite hockey team -- on imdb. Granted, that does not mean it is his. But the fact that it IS his blog definitely does. Mean it, I mean. That it is his. I make no sense.
And now I want to taaaaaaaaaalk to him.
Curse my crippling shyness.
And my irrational obsession with this man. 
That too.
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