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Opening Dark Knight Scene

I am irrationally excited about the opening scenes of the Batman Begins sequel, The Dark Knight (I cannot type today, btw. I just typed Teh Drak Knight about three times before I got it right). I mean, it's not totally irrational, because I love 'Batman Begins' to pieces and am totally excited about the sequel, which I think will be even awesomer. But it's this one-scene bit with William Fichtner that I'm jonesing to see. Like, his character doesn't even have a NAME -- he's a bank manager at a bank for the Gotham mob-type people -- yet I'm way more excited about it than 'The Amateurs' or 'First Snow' or whatever.
A blurb from MTV, describing the first 10 minutes, which is supposed to be shown in front of IMAX showings of 'I Am Legend' soon: 

As the lights dimmed, the first images were revealed, of a gleaming and bright Gotham City. The camera moves in close on a building when suddenly the calm is shattered, quite literally, by a broken window. A group of clown-mask-clad robbers are about to seize a bank. They bicker about the mysterious man who has employed them. "Why do they call him the Joker?" one asks another. It's a refrain almost identical to those rooftop thugs who wonder about the mysterious "bat" in the opening frames of Tim Burton's "Batman."

Soon we are inside the bank as a tense standoff is under way. None of the employees resist, save one played by character-actor extraordinaire William Fichtner. This is a mob bank, we learn, and the wrong place to mess with, even for a group of seasoned criminals.

The controlled heist degenerates into a mess quickly enough, with each of the robbers mysteriously getting taken out. But it's not Batman knocking them off — rather, it's one of the robbers themselves. Just as the final two robbers are set to leave, one pulls a gun on the other. "I bet the Joker told you to kill me as soon as we loaded the cash," he says, clearly with the upper hand.

The eerily calm but playful response comes. "No, no, no. He killed the bus driver."

Before the gun-toting clown can finish asking, "What bus driver?," he is taken out by a school bus crashing into the bank. "School's out. Time to go!" screams the sole survivor of the gang.

All that remains for him is the bank employee (Fichtner) lying at his feet. By now we're pretty sure these are going to be his last words: "The criminals in this town used to believe in things. Honor. Respect. What do you believe in?" He screams it again, louder, "What do you believe in?"

And the mask comes off. The grinning, scarred face of the Joker is revealed at last. His face filled the 8-story-high screen as the clip played. "I believe whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you ...," he said. He pauses on the last word: " ... stranger."

As the Joker made his getaway, the sequence ended, but before the lights returned, the audience was treated to quick tantalizing flashes of the rest of the film. The Joker firing what looks to be an automatic weapon in a city street. Police Commissioner Gordon raising an ax dramatically. Batman whizzing by in his batpod. And finally, Gordon lowering the ax, destroying what we see now was the bat signal. Troubled times clearly await in Gotham. And it's clear who's to blame.

I haven't even seen the bit and I'm already started that whole anxiety thing, like I get for Mahone, about whether he dies or not. Also, yay for shouty Fichtner. This movie is going to be awesome; I've heard Cillian Murphy is returning for his Scarecrow role, which got me hooked on him when I saw 'Batman Begins', and although I'm no longer big on Cillian Murphy, he's still really cool and an awesome actor. Plus Christian Bale and Morgan Freeman and Gary Oldman and Maggie Gyllenhaal and holy crap this movie is just made for me.
Sad thing: people are saying that the Golden Compass wasn't that good. This makes me sad. GC is still one of my all-time favourite books. It's just because it's been watered down so much to please the masses that it's lost the meaning behind it. The hardcore Christians just need to fuck off and not watch/read it if it pisses them off so much. What if hardcore atheists started petitioning to get all religious movies banned? I mean, they say His Dark Materials attacks Christianity by promoting atheism, but even if it did promote atheism -- which it doesn't, it just criticizes organized religion -- Christianity is a hell of a lot worse when it comes to atheists, if you'll pardon the pun. Christianity says that atheists are going to suffer unimaginable mental and physical torture for all eternity. Yeah. Worse, I'm thinking.
I intend to write an entry exclusively about why WF/Mahone is so damn awesome (yeah, I know, it'll be fun) but not right now because it's late. Maybe after I finish this damn English essay that's due Monday.
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