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Miss Mary had a Steamboat, right?

So I've come across this poll, here:
... which presents a valid and interesting question: how did you learn the song 'Miss Mary/Suzie/Lucy/Whatever had a Steamboat'? I still clearly remember all the lyrics I learned as a kid, even though I haven't used it in ages. This is the version coming from Ontario, Canada:

Miss Mary had a steamboat, the steamboat had a bell (toot toot!)
Miss Mary went to heaven, the steamboat went to
Hell-o operator, please give me number 9,
And if you disconnect me, I'll kick you in
Behind the yellow curtain, there was a piece of glass
Miss Mary sat upon it, and hurt her little
Ass-k me no more questions, I'll tell you no more lies,
The boys are in the washroom, doing up their
Flies are in the city, the bees are in the park,
Miss Mary and her boyfriend are kissing in the D-A-R-K
Dark is like the movies, a movie's like a show,
A show is like a TV screen and that is all I know,
I know my ma, I know I know my pa, I know I know my sister with the 80-metre bra.
I saw her in the ocean, I saw her in the sea,
I saw her in the shower, Oops oh pardon me.
My mother is Godzilla and my father's King Kong,
My sister is the idiot that made up this song.

Which actually makes no sense. Like, 'kick you in behind' makes no sense. And I actually learned that the bees were in the hall, but now that I look at it, the park makes a lot more sense.
Also, if you've heard about the mysterious Cloverfield movie, this is kind of awesome:
... even though it's been debunked, I think, as fanart. It's still really awesome. That's a lot of thinking some obsessive's been putting into this movie *should really not be knocking obsessives, as people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones*.
Alrighty. Oh, and I totally aced the first half of my math exam, I just know it. It was so easy. It was university-prep AP level, and I aced it because I am a clever bunny. The hard half is tomorrow, but I'm feeling confident.
I also redid my userpics. They are beautiful. Once again, over half come from crazy_pill, who is my Mahone-icon-making god, even though he/she hasn't posted in a long time. 
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