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Sweet Fancy Moses

First entry. I decided on my username on the spur of the moment because the words "absinthe spoons" have been written on my desk for a couple of months now to remind me to incorporate them into a story somehow. Glen Wagner of my old story 'Pickled Jade' is supposed to have collected them, and the main character, Richard, is supposed to see them when he's burglaring his father's safe in this... schemish thing. The story has since died, but srsly -- have you ever seen an absinthe spoon? Or at least, have you ever seen a really nice one, a novelty spoon? They're so gorgeous. It's the first time I've ever fallen in love with silverware. But now I'm worried that people are going to think that I'm all about the drink, when really I've barely ever touched alcohol. No joke. I'm all about the SPOONS, people.
For those who are waiting for 'The Chinese Angle: Detective Manson' -- including Sandy, Sue, Moss, etc. -- I won't be putting that up for a while, and it looks as though it's going to take even longer than I thought, since I've got so. Much. Homework. For serious, grade 12 is hardcore. On the first day? We read Tolstoy in English class. English class is the most hardcore. I didn't do 4 measly comprehension questions last night on a short story for homework, so now my teacher is going to call my parents. I almost laughed when he told me. This is me, incredulous.

So, my family has started watching Prison Break season II. It's very exciting. I've laid out a schedule for watching the episodes so that we finish before season III starts on the 17th. Suddenly, I'm noticing that my family is barely ever all here together. Tonight, we will watch 'First Down' and 'Map 1213'. Hey, I need to start picking up some season II icons! I've been missing out for so long! *sadface* Of course, the show is very exciting too. I'd forgotten how hot Wentworth Miller is, especially in motion (pictures don't do him any justice). Also, I really like Agent Mahone. My ideal villain is someone who respects the good guys, even if he is opposing them. Obviously, Mahone is just that. I am really missing Kellerman right now, who is awesome. I also need more Michael/Sara. I heart them together.

I have six whole books to read within the next couple of weeks. This is the most I've moaned and griped about something in a long time. See, I signed up for AP English last Tuesday. Little did I know that AP English students are required to read 2 novels and 2 plays over the summer break. I was informed of this on Monday, the day before school started. And I FREAKED OUT. Now, my teacher has given me an extension, but it's still a lot on my plate and not much time with which to eat it.

While waiting for my family to come home (my sister is out for a walk with her friend, and my mom is still at work) I am reading Prison Break recaps for 2-1 through to 2-3 at Television Without Pity -- excellent, by the way, for all your TV recapping needs. Though I've actually seen those episodes, I have a terrible weakness for recaps. See, the recappers see stuff that I don't, and are funnier than me. They make me lol. I'm always up for a good lol.
Just downloaded 'Shut Up and Drive' by Rihanna. Sounds like Hilary Duff, really. How underrated that Hilary is. Yes, I just said (typed, whatever) that. Shut your face.
*Snerk* I love this crazy lady who tried to hug Brad Pitt. She's so crazy. Have you heard about her? I think the funniest part was how upset she was when she was dragged away -- screaming and crying and carrying on, you know. You have to be as crazy as my crazy Brad-Pitt-hugging lady to like Brad Pitt that much. He, in my humble opinion, is a blockhead. And way too boring for dear pouty-lipped Jolie.
Michael has a look like 'They make humans in a travel size now?' Hee. See? Funny. I love Michael's dorky-ness.
Oh yeah. You know, I finally get an iPod, and then what do they do? They make the Nanos so much cooler. Have you seen them? VIDEO, new colours, cool shape, even touch screens on some versions. I waaaant one. This is not fair. This is the gods of Apple wreaking their karma on me for taking so long to get off my ass and buy their infectious product.
Sweet fancy Moses, the lolz I am having:
C-Note comments on the fit of the clothes with, "Damn, snowflake, this is tight, man." Sweet fancy Moses, is there nothing he won't complain about? "Damn, these diamond pillow made of hundred-dollar bills isn't cushiony! Damn, the ability to fly means I get gnats up my nose!"
My new blog will not be as funny as cleolinda's. Woe is me. Look at this gold:
I was on the moon, and it was dangerous, and we slept in cartoon-character sleeping bags and ate crackers, I told you so, and Brett the Vet was like, "No, I'm pretty sure we went to a movie last weekend, too." STOP HARSHING MY LUNAR BUZZ, SERIOUSLY. So I went to an aquarium to look up proof in the stacks (what? You don't have a library aquarium?) that I had been on the moon, but all I kept finding were these weird books, and one of them was diseased ("Uh, I think you need to take a look at this book? Maybe fix it? I think it's diseased"), and the pages kept sticking together, because they were made of oozing tissue and viscera.
That's about a dream, btw. She's not actually on crack. Is that quoting thing okay, by the way? I wonder if there are legal issues (or at least LJ-issues) about that sort of thing. Well, here's credit: is where I got that there quote. Praise her genius on high.
I want people to start calling me Phineas McClintock. That's the name on Michael Scofield's fake passport, and for serious, it is the best alias EVAR. Too bad he lost that passport. I would tell everyone that it is my name, that is (and that I look like Wentworth Miller. What? I so do. Even though I am female and look nothing like him).
I keep wanting to tell you what's going on in the recap, but I guess you'd read it yourself if you wanted to., by the way, dahlings.
Argh! My sister and her friend are going over to Patrick something-or-other's house. Like, I don't know, when has my sister ever known Patrick something-or-other, let alone be cool enough for him? He's in a band. He rocks the guitar and the piano and music in general. He's way too cool for her. So they're going to miss Prison Break. Well, that's too damn bad. I don't care, I'm watching anyway. And Emma can read TWoP if she wants a recap, because they're my DVDs and she's not getting her hands on 'em in her own time.
(An hour and a half later) Hey, just finished 'First Down' and 'Map 1213'. First Down grossed me out with Bellick horning in on Nika and T-bag with that young girl. I thought this was Fox, guys, whatever happened to being (sort of) subtle? Although Michael was awesome when he kicked Bellick in the face for talking about Sara, and sweet (yet creepy) when he was talking to Sara on the cellphone. Ah, Abruzzi, you died just when I stopped hating you and started to think you were the coolest thing ever with your round shades, they were cool. Clearly, the PB writers are wreaking their revenge on me again for making fun of their weird, fake-religious, Swedish mob boss.
I really liked Tweener's little girlfriend while she was around. Too bad about her leaving so awkwardly and scripted-ly.
Hey, how funny is Kellerman? So funny! That pie thing! Had to be there, my friend. The persona he's built -- Sara's new gay best friend, Lance (had to be Lance) -- is gold. I almost ship Kellerman/Sara. Almost. If Kellerman wasn't completely doing this to get to Scofield. And pretending to be gay. Which is... just no.
MAHONE: I really do, professionally speaking, have a lot of admiration for Lincoln and Michael.
L.J.: Cool. Now we're buddies. 
Heh. Great line. I <3 LJ. Hopefully there will be more of him this season. I have decided to watch this season in my own time, instead of waiting around for the rest of my family. This unfortunately means that I'll have to have a lot of willpower to get any homework done.
Hee, blogging in the dead of night now. If 10:40 is the dead of night, which it isn't. Not so much. I'm investigating _klotera's icons from the episodes I've seen, because I am an icon nut.

Okay, enough blogging for one night. Ciao, bella.

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