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PB Spoiler -- not official but I'm pretty sure it's true

Sammy is the Walgreens death! This does not come from the mouth of anyone involved with the project, but rkjm and I have collaborated our knowledge of spoilers, and theorized and come up with this wonderful conclusion. For those who don't know what I am talking about:

Paul Scheuring has apparently made a comment about one of the Prison Break characters not surviving to the mid-season hiatus. He didn't say who it was but he did give us a clue. "Lets just say he could've used Walgreens." 

This spoiler was making both of us nervous, as I thought it was referring to Mahone and rkjm thought could be either Mahone or T-Bag. So we buckled down and found an alternative *knows she should really should just cut to the chase*.

FACT: Sammy has been squirrelling away the packages (most likely drugs) that Augusto has been having Sucre smuggle into Sona.

FACT: The last person Lechero found stealing the stuff that was meant for him from Augusto, he killed.

FACT: Robert Knepper has said that T-Bag will get into a fight sometime soon with a small, fast, tough guy.

OR -- FACT: In a later episode, Bellick goes into the chicken-foot ring for a second time.
This means, presumably, that he wins his first fight. I'm undecided as to whether T-Bag or Bellick will kill Sammy -- I vote for tag-teaming. :D

FACT: "And on Monday, Nov. 26 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) in "Dirt Nap," a coup in Sona brings Michael's escape plan crashing down and leaves the Panamanian hellhole with one less prisoner."
Note: The date has changed for this episode, now occuring in January after the break, but at the time of Scheuring's quote it was scheduled to come before the mid-season hiatus.

FACT: Between 3.09 and 3.13 (originally scheduled to be the fall finale), the only significant change to the cast is that after episode 3.10 ("Dirt Nap"), Sammy disappears from the cast list. Other Sona prisoners recur after episode 3.10.

Therefore, the Walgreens spoiler refers to Sammy! You have no idea how happy this makes me. I like the actor that plays him and all, but the alternative for me was Mahone and if he dies, a part of me dies with him. Also, now T-Bag will be able to come out of his shell more, maybe.
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