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PB Does Not Hate Women

... And Here, To Prove It: My List Of Major (And Minor) Fatalities On Prison Break, By Type Of Death, Because I Have Too Much Time On My Hands.

Male Fatalities:

John Abruzzi - gunned down by some over-excited snipers.
Paul Kellerman - shot to death by suited guys wearing balaclavas during prisoner transport.
David "Tweener" Apolskis - shot by Agent Alexander Mahone.
Aldo Burrows - fatally wounded by a bullet through the gut by Agent Alexander Mahone.
Roy Geary - beaten to death with a wine bottle by Theodore Bagwell.
Charles "Haywire" Patoshik - committed suicide (psychologically assisted by Agent Alexander Mahone) by jumping off a tower, dying on impact with the ground below.
Terrence Steadman - suicidally shot himself in the head.
Frank Tancredi - forcibly hanged.
Sebastian Balfour - shot in the head by Agent Quinn.
Daniel Hale - shot by Agent Paul Kellerman.
Seth "Cherry" Hoffner - hung himself from the prison balcony after being sexually terrorized by Theodore Bagwell.
Robert Hudson - beaten and eventually shanked by Theodore Bagwell during a prison riot.
Richard Mills - poisoned by his VP, Caroline Reynolds.
Quinn - pushed into an abandoned well and left to die.
Nick Savrinn - shot by one of John Abruzzi's men.
Crab Simmons - died from a forced drug overdose.
Turk - fell from an elevated landing onto the concrete below.
Charles Westmoreland - took a shard of glass to the gut during a fight with Brad Bellick, died later of blood loss/infection.
Bill Kim - shot by Sara Tancredi.
Erik Stammel - beaten to death with a decoractive ornament by Theodore Bagwell.
Agent Blondie - killed by Agent Alexander Mahone; M.O. unknown.
Sapo - gunned down my Panamanian prison guards when he tried to escape Sona.
Adrian Rix - shot by Agent Paul Kellerman.
Dr. Marvin Gudat - put to "sleep" by Theodore Bagwell.
Bishop McMorrow - shot in his bed by an unidentified gunman.

Female Fatalities:

Veronica Donovan - shot to death by Agent Blondie.
Sara Tancredi - beheaded by "Susan B. Anthony".
Leticia Barris - kidnapped, taken out into the forest and shot by Agent Paul Kellerman.
Lisa Rix - shot to death by Agent Daniel Hale.
Two Hookers - killed by Theodore Bagwell; M.O. unknown.
U.S. Postal Worker - killed by Theodore Bagwell; M.O. unknown.

For serious, y'all, my chart doesn't lie. The audience is just more repulsed by female fatalities because they're perceived as being more vulnerable. So be more easy and don't get your panties in a knot.
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