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[VID] Still Feel Alive -- Z Nation (SYFY)

Back with another vid!

Title: Still Feel Alive
Fandom: Z Nation (SYFY)
Music: "Still Feel." by Half-Alive
Characters/Pairing: Main cast for S1-3
Summary: Joyful aggression, aggressive joy and being stubbornly alive in the face of the zom-pocalypse.

Warnings: Zombie apocalypse-typical violence, imagery suggestive of suicide & self-harm (god, that makes this sound so bleak, but I promise it’s fun). Mostly decontextualized spoilers for seasons 1-3.
Streaming: Vimeo, or under the cut (can be downloaded from Vimeo).
Thanks to johnandrasjaqobis on tumblr for her feedback!


This one was a blast to make! Which should hardly be a surprise, as the show is a blast to watch. The song choice crept up on me and very much decided for me how I was going to approach the project tone-wise. The song, "still feel.", has a lot of variety of tone and pace which let me really explore the breadth of the show's mood.
I particularly enjoyed the recurring line "I am not a slave", which gave me an excuse to lean heavily on Cassandra's and 10k's respective arcs as blends. I have to hope that these emotional arcs will be revisited in season 5 after an inexplicable vacation during season 4. Which, speaking of -- there are a lot of reasons that I left s4 out of this, but one very practical reason is that s4 has not been released on DVD, so don't @ me about it.
There was a lot of technical fidgeting to be done here, especially with making the wildly variable aspect ratios consistent and... non-ugly lmao. Seriously, who just changes aspect ratios in the middle of an episode? WHY?? What with this problem and the constantly evolving approach to colour grading, visual consistency was a chore.

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