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[VID] All That Money -- Bruce Wayne -- Gotham (FOX)

Hey look, I made a vid!

Title: All That Money (OR How Baby Batman Learned to Start Punching His Problems)
Fandom: Gotham (FOX)
Music: "Dazzle" by Oh Wonder
Characters/Pairing: Bruce Wayne
Summary: A coming-of-age thing about growing up far too fast, with far too much money, under the sentence of prescribed heroism.

Warnings: Spoilers for series up to & including 4x11. Images of violence, blood, guns, and self-destructive alcohol consumption.
Streaming: Vimeo, or under the cut (can be downloaded from Vimeo).
Thanks to thatonceandfutureprat on tumblr for her beta feedback :)


I'm very fond of this video... as I am of everything that I make, actually. The visuals at the beginning, especially, were a joy to put together and watch back on repeat x41832. I feel like I got back to basics with this one -- I didn't post the vid I made this past summer on LJ, but it featured a fair new tricks and techniques, like diegetic sound/dialogue and some popular effects with velocity envelopes. Not so much with this one. For the most part, I just cut clips very selectively, and choreographed them to some kind of mish-mash of the beat and the rhythm. No frills.
It was important to me to achieve a very specific tone with this vid, both in reference to how I see the character of Bruce, and in contrast to the lens of most vids about him. I was aiming to present a perspective of an adult watching a coming-of-age story unfold, rather than an age peer perspective. The distinction would rest, I think, on how much the character is indulged in his self-seriousness. Hopefully, this vid trends towards less indulgence.
I wonder sometimes whether I'm not boxing myself into a corner with my vidding style. I think I definitely do have a signature style at this point -- largely minimalist effects-wise with clips trimmed in such a way that physical actions hit the beat. But to be honest, that's the kind of vid I love best. And at the end of the day, I make these for me.

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Tags: fanvids, gotham

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