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[VID] Dear Fellow Traveller -- Fraser/Kowalski -- due South

Haaa, I haven't touched this place in three goddamn years but hello I guess! I decided I wanted to post my latest fanvid here for... posterity, or something. I dunno, as dead as LiveJournal is, I feel like it's more... stable, or something, than the likes of Tumblr? Long after nuclear war, LJ will still be standing, dusty and abandoned, but ready to share my silly fanvids with whoever may stumble across them.

Fandom: due South
Music: "Dear Fellow Traveler" by Sea Wolf (but this is Canadian af so we spell it with 2 Ls)
Characters/Pairing: Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski
Warnings: Spoilers for entire series, particular the series finale.
Streaming: YouTube, or under the cut, or Vimeo, password: duesouth (can be downloaded from Vimeo).

Dear fellow traveler
Under the moon
I saw you standing in the shadows and your eyes won't move
You put your hand out
Opened the door
You said come with me boy, I want to show you something more
You spoke my language
And touched my limbs
It wasn't difficult
To pull me from myself again
And in our travels
We found our roads
You held it like a mirror, showing me the life I chose
And now we turn to my beautiful city
Black skies changed into blue
And my love is so wise and so pretty
But tonight I still dream of you
Dear fellow traveler
Under the moon
I think I'm growing weary and I'm hoping you'll come soon
And if I see you
In clean new clothes
I hope you hold the mirror up to show me what I chose
And I returned to my beautiful city
Black skies change into blue
And though my love is so wise and so pretty
Some nights I'll still dream of you
And I'll return to my beautiful city
Black skies change into blue
And though my love is so wise and so pretty
Some nights I'll still dream of you,
And I know you're out there, in the shadows
Dear fellow traveler, underneath the moon
Dear fellow traveler, underneath the moon
Dear fellow traveler, underneath the moon


This was a lot of fun to make. I only finished watching dS for the first time in Oct... ober? I think. And I, being predictable, fell hard for this ship. I think it contributes to a grand tradition of 90s-era as-canon-as-we-could-feasibly-get-away-with queer nonsense that I love, a la Xena/Gabrielle, sort of thing.
I actually chose this song before I finished the show and then the end... god, that ending, it ended up being kind of too happy for the song? Which is just hilarious. But I stuck to it anyway, obviously. The lyrics are all a bit wistful, like how you'd speak of a lost love, when Fraser/Kowalski were pretty actualized and they definitely did not run off with their "wise & pretty" loves like I had predicted.
If you'll permit me to natter: the verses were especially fun. The first two are from Ray's POV, and are about how he needs and is powerfully influenced by Fraser. The next verse section is from Fraser's POV, and is meant to mirror that, but of course, we have to push Fraser a little bit harder to make him need anyone.
I wrestled with making the chorus bow to the show's narrative (or at least my interpretation of it), and what I ended up with is that Fraser and Kowalski both try to hold themselves back (not very well, but that was the idea) from each other, to adhere to duty ("my beautiful city") and the prototypical ladyloves that are expected of men like them, but in the end, they're too tempted by each other. SO: happily ever after in Canada forever.
This is the nice thing about LJ, I feel a bit less self-conscious just going on and on without a filter.

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