Erin (absinthe_spoons) wrote,

[VID] The Wolves -- Isaac/Scott -- Teen Wolf

Apparently this is a vid LJ now? I'm now sure how that happened, but I'm at peace with it. I wasn't good at the rest of it anyway.
Anyway, yes, watching Teen Wolf, just like everyone and their grandmother. And I've completely fallen for Isaac/Scott, which has had all of five episodes to develop but it is my happy place. It is made of shy grins and long stares and two stupid puppies pretending to be bad-ass werewolves, bless them.

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Music: "The Wolves" by Ellie Goulding [cover of the song by Bon Iver]
Characters/Pairing: Scott McCall/Isaac Lahey
Warnings: Spoilers are negligeable. The only thing it spoils is the arc of their changing dynamic, basically. It does include clips up to 2x12, though.
Length: 3:22
Streaming: YouTube, or under the cut.

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Tags: fanvids, isaac lahey, isaac/scott, scott mccall, teen wolf
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