Erin (absinthe_spoons) wrote,

Vid Recs

Person Of Interest

I'll Be Watching You (links to YouTube) - Really gorgeous vid, more so than I thought the show was capable of producing. Spoilers up to the end of 1x10. 


Start the Commotion - Older vid, lots of fun, along the same lines as talitha78's Imma Be vid to the same characters: Hardison, Parker, and to a lesser extent, Eliot. Odd that it follows the same character proportions. Also, where is the love for Sophie? She is my favourite. :(


For The Restless (links to YouTube) - I went into this vid not being able to disassociate this song from that old Gaius vid that remains a classic in the Merlin fandom. But this wowed me, even more than the POI vid by the same vidder.
Tags: brick, leverage, person of interest, vid recs
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