Erin (absinthe_spoons) wrote,

[VID] Medley of the Mind (Crystallize) -- Alexander Mahone -- Prison Break

Muahaha, you thought I'd stopped, didn't you.
Tumblr (I'm cuddle-me-shipmate over there) has brought back a resurgence in my enthusiasm for Alexander Mahone and his silly, silly show. Truly starting to think I will never love another fictional character like I do this man. So I made a vid.
So, so many ridiculously huge thanks to sol_se for being a magnificent beta and making me feel proud of this labour of love. :D

Fandom: Prison Break
Music: "Crystallize" by Lindsey Stirling
Characters/Pairing: Alexander Mahone. Not overall a shippy vid, but mild Alex/Lang.
Warnings: SPOILERS through to the series finale/DVD movie. Footage includes s2, s3 and s4.
Length: 4:33
Streaming: YouTube, Vimeo, or embedded under the cut.
Password for Vimeo is crystallize.

Like/Reblog on Tumblr.
Hope you enjoy. :)
Tags: alexander mahone, fanvids, mahone, prison break
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