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[VID] The Twist -- Newsies -- Jack/David

Heeeeey it has been over a year since I posted anything here, go me. I am one of the many who have refocused attention on tumblr... not that I don't love eljay, but tumblr appeals to the lazy person in me who reblogs other people's shit in order to express myself. Yes. My name is eyesthesizeofsnow over there, if you would like to connect.

Speaking of, I actually did just make something all my own, yes, try not to keel over and die of heart failure. I recently got off my ass and finally saw that campy cult classic Newsies, was thoroughly entertained by the ridiculous love of Jack Kelly and David Jacobs, and was subsequently disappointed by the lack of decent Newsies vids on YT, other than the bizarre quantity of audio swaps of that one dancing scene that fits Bad Romance and all the other songs ever.

Anyway, I vid best when I have the perception that I'm filling a void, so I actually finished this thing up quite quickly, with very minimal grief. IMO it cannot compete with that Sherlock WIP that will never see the light of day, but I am choosing to believe that this has everything to do with the source quality (it's from 1992! Give me a break, okay?). Also YouTube butchered it, so although I am linking to YT streaming below, Vimeo is embedded.

(Also, speaking of 1992, both actors are way older than me now so it's not inappropriate that I ship this pairing. These are the rules that I've just made up.)

Fandom: Newsies (1992)
Music: "The Twist" by Frightened Rabbit
Characters/Pairing: Jack Kelly, David Jacobs, Jack/David, random dancing boys
Warnings: Underage shipping? I think the characters are supposed to be seventeen.
Length: 3:25
Streaming: Youtube (please don't) or embedded with Vimeo under the cut.
Password is extrasupervery.

The Twist from absinthe_spoons on Vimeo.

See you in another twelve months, probably.
Tags: i made a thing, jack/david, newsies, vidding, vids
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