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Blathering About... Just Blathering

I haven't posted in a while, so I thought I'd just blather on about a couple of shows I've been into, or that I've started, or whatever. Also a movie, because hello, everyone and their grandmother has an opinion about Inception.

I'll be back later/tomorrow to post an Avatar: the Last Airbender oneshot fic, and I've also thought about starting that 30-day meme.

Mild SPOILERS throughout. If you don't usually read about these topics in a mildly spoilery tone, don't do it now. I don't spoil anything huge, though, I don't think.

Covert Affairs

This is a pretty okay show, but not as good as the sum of its parts. I was expecting a lot from its awesome cast, which features Kari Matchett (Mariel!), Sendhil Ramamurthy (Mohinder!) and Anne Dudek (Amber!), among others, plus the whole spy genre gets any show an advantage in my books.
Basically? It's like a more light-hearted Alias, except with the light-heartedness comes insipidness. I only really find the main character compelling when she's pretending to be someone else -- she is definitely no Sydney Bristow. And see, I do keep comparing CA to Alias as I watch it, and it doesn't do well in the comparison.
As anyone who has started watching this will tell you, Auggie is the greatest. I hope they use him well, and don't limit his plotlines due to his blindness. For e.g., I want him to have romantic plotlines, and to be ambitious, I want them with Annie. But I can see that they're shooting for biffles. I will watch many more episodes of this show just for Auggie, because I'm easy like that. I'm also looking forward to the part Sendhil will play, as I think he's well-cast in this role, where I didn't like him at all in the first two seasons of Heroes (I didn't keep watching beyond that). I hope that Dudek's character doesn't become another Francie, she's worth more than that. As is Kari, with her thoroughly annoying plotline with her character's husband... she deserves more.

Doctor Who

Yes, I've started watching Doctor Who. I'd like my official geek identification card now, please. *grabby hands*
I went out on a limb and watched "Midnight" a while ago, justforColinMorgan (this was my mantra), and ended up kind of loving it. I'd had a grudge against it for a while due to its batshit fanbase which was evident over on fandomsecrets, and thought it must be really srs biznis. Since then I've watched both the s5 premiere and about half of s1, and it's such campy fun, it's great. People take this show waaaay too seriously, and I don't need to say that twice.
I feel like I should pick "my doctor", like so many people seem to have done. Maybe when I've seen more of each of Nine, Ten and Eleven. I can't wait to get to s5 again, I have this outrageous infatuation with Rory for no apparent reason, as he was hardly even a character in 5x01, and yet he's become this image in my mind of the ultimate perfect boyfriend. Odd, that. I should spend less time exploring the media of shows I'm not caught up on yet.
Also, "Midnight" is really awesome. And emo!Colin is surprisingly hot.


Another merely okay new show. From the pilot I was expecting something a little more eerie, more atmospheric, but it's losing that atmosphere with every passing episode. The lead is too matter-of-fact, and the main guy is... I kind of like his dry humour and the whole can't-feel-pain thing, but sometimes he's a little too dry, verging on dull... and yet not for lack of ability, as we saw when he caught the composer's madness in the most recent episode, that was cool. I love the dynamic between Nathan and Duke, that relationship is just ripe for slashing, and hell yes I ship it. It's got that whole hate-sex vibe.
I like it the way I like certain Canadian TV shows, like The Listener and Murdoch Mysteries. I don't expect all that much production value or even very good writing, but I enjoy what it does bring to the table.


Such a fun movie! I had so much fun just sitting there thinking about it as I watched it. It was enjoyably bendy, and yet at the same time, quite easy to follow. And what a cast, of course. JGL! Cillian Murphy! Marion Cotillard! Postlethwaite! Lukas Haas! Random cameo by Michael Gaston! I was in utter bliss. I have been into Cillian since Batman Begins, and into JGL since 3rd Rock From The Sun -- I must admit, I'm getting kind of possessive of the latter these days, now that he's in this huge movie and everyone likes him. My JGL! Hands off! Also, it was cool to see JGL and Haas in a movie together again after Brick, which is still one of my favourite movies.
It was just such a pleasure to watch. I feel bad about one thing, though, and that is the fact that I went into the movie already shipping Arthur/Eames from quotes I'd heard quoted and comparisons I'd seen made, and the movie just enforced it. Do I have permanent slash goggles forever now? I want to be able to draw the line between bromance and homoromanticism/homoeroticism. I think I still have it. I hope so, anyway. You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.
I had some stuff to say about dream!suicide vs. real!suicide and how returning to reality is analogous to some belief systems' afterlife, but it got too personal (don't worry, not about me, about someone I know who's in a bad place right now).
Anyway, really love the movie a lot, my favourite movie in a long time, if not ever. And yet, my growing disconnect from the movie format was still apparent while watching it. I'm just such a TV person, and movies are just not the same. I don't tend to get attached to movie characters like I do TV characters, and the timeframe just doesn't work for me, I prefer episodic format.

Lie To Me

Okay, how much do I love Lie To Me? Like... a lot a lot, in the most uselessly flail-y words I can grasp at right now. I've loved Tim Roth since we watched Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead in English class, and he is quickly becoming my favourite actor. I rank him among my heavy hitters, Fichtner and the like.
I feel bad, now, for my snap judgement about LTM upon seeing the tail end of an episode before Bones once. I thought it looked really boring. Now it's left Bones in the dust.
Cal Lightman is one of those characters that just feel so real to me. IDK what it is with me and grumpy men in their 50s, this could be a problem. I love his physicality, his energy, the way he walks, his posture. I love his accent, I love how his attitude is too tall for his tiny stature. It pushes some buttons for me, I won't deny it, when he gets physically threatened and the attitude shrinks away... it's been a recurring theme in season 2 and it's one of the big reasons why season 2 is so awesome, though it could just be a side-effect of how epic the cases have been. The IRA episode blew me away, no pun intended, and the episode where Cal goes to Afghanistan was so instinctual and Cal's reactions to the situation just grabbed me by the throat and wouldn't let go. Also, he's all... dirty. Very nice.
Cal's relationship with Emily is the best father/daughter dynamic on television, and indeed that I've ever seen in performed media. People say the father/daughter dynamic on Castle is really good, but I've seen clips and honestly? I think it pales in comparison to the Lightmans, who are imo just so much more genuine. Though I'm sure Castle is very nice too. *pats Castle's head condescendingly*
Also Cal's and Gillian's bff-ness. I do ship them when the situation suits it, but mostly I'm happy with them being really epic best friends. They're so close, and so lovely to watch with their current dynamic. It briefly frustrated me how they're so casual with their terms of affection (I have the embarrassing urge to call people "love" all the time) and their friend!kisses, but I quickly got past it. In a way this show is almost my anti-Bones, because where Bones has now been overwhelmed with romantic subplots so that you can barely see the cases, LTM still has consistently epic cases every week, such that I identify episodes by their cases and not by whatever character interaction went on. They aren't pushy about their ships at all, but the character interactions are still great.
On one last note, LTM has this awesome habit of casting Jericho alumni as guest stars on the show. This is owing to a common showrunner, I believe, but it's still cool to see. So far Robert and Darcy Hawkins, Stanley Richmond, Eric Green and Mimi Clark have all been on LTM, and the actress who played Bonnie Richmond has signed on for a recurring guest role in upcoming episodes.
I should probably finish watching Jericho at some point, I think it's been over a year since I watched season 1.


Merlin still holds my top spot as far as obsession is concerned. I'm following news of season 3 rabidly.
I sometimes feel out-of-place in Merlin fandom, however little I participate, because it's pretty easy to please me when it comes to Merlin. I want Arthur to find out, and yet I'm perfectly happy with him not finding out, and tbh I don't think he's ready yet. I love Morgana and want to see more of her, and yet it doesn't torment me the way it seems to torment others when she isn't in an episode much. I love the serious episodes, but I love the silly episodes too, and no, I'm not upset about the donkey clip from the trailer. I like Merlin's vaguely Shakespearean sense of humour, silly though it may be.
The only dimension that prevents me from being universally pleased by the show is Arthur/Gwen, which I don't like at all. I'm not a Gwen fan, nor an Angel fan, and no, it has nothing to do with a competing ship. Gwen's just dull, and I don't like her plotlines, and while I don't dislike Angel's acting, I don't think she's grown the way the rest of the cast has.
I'm ridiculously infatuated with Colin Morgan. I honestly think he works really hard at being adorable, no way that all turns up by accident.
I loved the s3 trailer and the blooper reel, both sources of endless glee. I am really looking forward to Gawain's role, he looks like a lot of fun. I want him and Merlin to be biffles. And and and then Arthur can be jealous and realize what he takes for granted, so there.
Here is a gif of hopping.

... because it is Hopping Time, hell yes.


Hi, my name is Erin and I'm a Bitter Psych Fan. (SPOILERS ahead.)
I don't know how this happened. I wanted so badly to be on board 100%, I was so excited when it was renewed. But the thing is... where did our Shawn go? I miss him, so much. Shawn used to be flamboyant and 80s-obsessed and secretly extremely competent and clever and dancing through life stringing everyone else behind him. Where did that guy go? As far as I can tell, he's been replaced by a racist, current-pop-culture-obsessed typical manchild, just another character from a Judd Apatow rip-off. He's offensive and stupid and pretty much the opposite of likeable. After 5x02 in particular, I don't understand how anyone can be realistically designated as his love interest. That episode was basically, Shawn/Jules Would Never Ever Work But Apparently We're Plowing On With It Anyway, Ta-da, Watch The Tap-Dancing Pretty.
I also don't like Henry's new role at all, he's encroaching on Lassie's territory too much and I just miss his old role, it's lacking from this season. And it's not helping Lassie's character, my beloved Lassie with his sticky-outy ears and Tim O's excellent comic timing. As they dumb Shawn down, they're dumbing Lassie down with him, and it is getting ridiculous.


I don't know what to do with myself, I love this so much. Like I need to have a dance party right now, or shout to the heavens, or mummify myself with cuddly blankets and tear my hair out, each hair one-by-one.
I just... it was exquisite, I loved the first episode so goddamn much, I was on the point of tears of joy. And I know this is overhyping it way beyond proportion, I know this, but I can't hold it in, I need to let this out.
I was dubious about Martin Freeman because I'd only ever seen him in H2G2 and I didn't necessarily like that movie nearly as much as I wanted to, but he was magnificent. He was so full of pent-up fervour with nowhere to put it, and all the quiet scenes with him alone were some kind of haunting. Cumberbatch was also really great, I was worried he'd be too straight-faced but he really captured the way I remember Holmes, with the swinging pendulum between iron-faced boredom and fiery enthusiasm. I like that hint planted by the sergeant lady of how people perceive him, as this ticking time bomb that won't always be satisfied to merely investigate the bodies. I haven't seen a lot of Holmes portrayals, but this is the closest I've seen to my perception of the character, based on my biased view of having only read the first few Holmes stories. The Sherlock Holmes movie... I loved it, don't get me wrong, but Holmes is not an RDJ character, plain and simple. Not that that's a bad thing, it's just different.
Pretty much all the characters are instantly interesting to me. I could start naming all the characters I love, but I think I'd just end up naming the whole cast. If I had to pick someone who interested me the least, it would be that woman who accompanied Watson in the car. I thought her coyness was just a little bit out-of-place. But I can still see potential there.
I love the artistic gimmicks with doors from new scenes opening into old scenes, and the text messages, and even the fuzzily-defined split screens. I like the way they're approaching Holmes' sexuality, as I, like most, always saw him as an asexual man... and yet I still ship him romantically with Watson. The references to people mistaking them for a couple or eventual couple were fun, and they played less like gay jokes than a natural consequence of a lack of heteronormativity, which I always love to see.
I am therefore very :S about BBC only ordering three episodes for now. I hope it never comes down to Sherlock vs. Doctor Who for Moffat, because although I'd pick Sherlock, I don't know if I can imagine him doing the same.
I just love it so much. I need to express it through interpretive dance or something. IDEK.
I must at the very least vid rec: Cops and Robbers.

And that is that. I'll have to post that oneshot tomorrow, it's getting late. Hopefully I've made up for some lost time.
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