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Ship Quote Meme

Yoinked from lamentalone.

Pick 15 of your ships and write down a quote for each of them. Have your f-list guess the ships without using Google/IMDB.
Some of them will be fairly obvious. Where the name of one of the characters was mentioned within the quote, I removed it. Also, the pairings are in no particular order, nor are these necessarily my top 15 ships ever.

1. "Are you okay?"
"Huh, if you call radiation poisoning "okay"."
"Were you out in the rain, too?"
"Heavens, no! I touched a building when we came out of the shelter."
"Look, you can stop pretending."
"What do you mean?"
"I audited your farm. Why do you care?"
"Maybe I'm a nicer person than you."
"Right. Were you in the rain?"
"Yeah, for about twenty minutes."
"Well, you look pretty good."
"Thanks. You know, I try to work out. Look, um, y'know I think I got the worst of it, so as long as I'm okay, you should be fine."
"You're really sweet. And you still owe the IRS $180,000."
"Yeah, I know."

2. "Supposing I agree, why?"
"Innocent people are being killed. I cannot allow that."
"Oh, come along. This is pillow talk, isn't it, hm? Oh, c'mon, you can be honest with me. That's not the real reason, is it? D'you want to know what the real reason is? Nobody loves you anymore. Hm? They've turned against you, the common serfs. And really, those are the people that love you the most, and that's what you can't allow --"
"Do we have an agreement?"
"Ooh, have I touched a sore point?"
"I'll take that as a yes. And by the way, this is for you."

3. "I thought I told you to do that yesterday?"
"I didn’t have time, I was cleaning your stables."
"That’s strange, because a little bird told me you were somewhere else."
"Mucking out the stables is strange and a talking bird isn’t?"
"What’ve we said about you trying to be funny?"
"I shouldn't."

4. "What do you know? King of the lab!"
"Wow! that's a first! Usually I have to say it."
"Yeah, but I wanted to hear how it sounded with a touch of modesty."

5. "All right. I can think of another good reason why you might help me. It's a little complicated, so I can only tell you if you promise to sit still and not make any sudden movements."
"Why, do you believe I will?"
"Yes. I think that in a few seconds you'll try to kill me. I'd like you to promise not to."
"This should be interesting."
"All right. I hope it's going to be exciting. Go on."

6. "What is this place?"
"My bedroom."
"Where's the bed? You sleep in a tub?"
"Trager said you're a head case.... I mean, not like rudely."
"Whatever, it's cool."
"The rain should let up by morning."
"Actually, it won't let up until two twenty-seven tomorrow afternoon."
"Yeah. Whatever."

7. "That's so hot! Matt! Did you just brew this?"
"It's not too hot for me."
"Please tell me you didn't just burn your mouth because you're still pissed I scored higher than you on that stupid exam?"

8. "See? Guys can hug."
"Not if they don't have their man parts."
"That's a good point."

9. "You just want everyone to love you."
"No, I do not want to be branded a killer. It is different."
"You want to be loved! And I'll tell you something, it's not fair. I love you, but no one gives me any food. Yet people who do not love you are fed.
"Oh, [...]."
"No, the world is wrong. We're feeding people who do not love us and saving a man who wants us dead... I've changed my mind. I no longer love you. Now can I eat?"

10. "People are frightened. You can't expect much of people when they're so frightened. Not everyone's as brave as you."
"The other week. When you stopped them killing my dragons."
"Oh, that. That's not bravery. Anyway, that was just people. People are easier. I'll tell you one thing for nothing, I'm not looking up that dragon's nose again. I wake up at days thinking about that."
"Oh. Well, if you're sure... I've got a lot of friends, you know. If you need any help, you've only got to say."

11. "Your cheekbones are kicking right off this shot, mate."
"Are they?"
"Oh yeah."
"You likin' em?"

12. "Oh, my God. You know what just happened? You just freaked out about our relationship."
"I did not."
"Yes, you did. Just admit it."
"All right, all right. I admit it, I freaked out a little."
"A little? You freaked out big time. You know what just happened? I became the relationship master, and you turned into the bumbling screw-up. We have now switched places! Take that! And, we're back to where we were."

13. "Can you imagine living like this?"
"Don't have to."
"Because of the whole prison thing."
"Copy that."
"About your dad...."
"Yeah, let me make this easy on you: I spent my whole childhood trying to figure out if my dad was only mean or just plain bad. And you... I don't really understand you. I don't really like you but... you're not one of the bad guys. If I had your money I would be on a beach somewhere... How come you're not on a beach somewhere?"
"Do I look like I tan?"

14. "Oh, I think she wants her doll."
"I don't know where it is."
"Mommy. Mommy. Mommy."
"When you squeeze the doll it says "Mommy"."
"Did you know, that...?"
"No clue."
"The doll says "Mommy"."
"The doll says "Mommy"."
"The doll says "Mommy"!"

15. "What are you insinuating? I took that kiss for the team!"
"What?! ... Yeah. That kiss wasn't for pleasure, it was strategic and joyless."
"What?! ... Yeah."

Huzzah. I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out.
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