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Season 3 Shawn/Lassiter Picspam

Just in time for season 4.5, the continuation of my Shawn/Lassie picspam series, this time with season three!

Click here to view my Shawn/Lassie picspam for season one, and here for the season two picspam.

The first time (that we know of) that Shawn and Lassie ever met! Dunno if they'll be recounting this when asked for their meet-cute story, since it's likely neither of them remember it, but... Lassie moustache! Which warrants a place in any picspam.

Randomly one of my favourite moments of gratuitous ~touching~ because there is really no point to it whatsoever. "I don't know. But!" *prods chest* "... I don't know."
Also! Lookit all the pretty colours. :D

Heh. You guys look all pink.

Eeheehee. That was entirely for Lassie's benefit.

I played this scene over many times, and am now ready to give it the benefit of the doubt and say that yes, Shawn does slap Lassie on the ass. Again.

I don't care that this ended up being about Jules, it was an awesome opportunity for a shoulder rub, which I am always up for. Also, that last cap is awesome.

JFC, he's adorable. This is... just Lassiter actually making a joke (Medic! My heart!) and the guys acknowledging it. Look, shut up, it's my picspam.

Shawn is petting Lassie with a mannequin arm. Your argument is invalid.

Nope, still not above inclusion just for ~touching~. Also it is pretty.

Hee. See, Lassiter actually appreciates Shawn's Ways when his Ways are not about humiliating him.

You've disappointed your BF, Lassiepants.
I love the teamwork between Shawn and Lassiter in this episode, how they come together against their opposition, the SWAT team.

This seems somewhat boring, but I just like how Lassiter does that little aside for Shawn, sharing a bit of mockery of Luntz. There's also something about that head movement Shawn does at the end. IDK.

Quote because Lassiter said "nutsy", lolol what is that. Anyway, A+ for teamwork! Hoorah.

There is so much touching and territoriality in this scene it is absolutely ridiculous, and I lovelovelove it. Lassiter is basically all "MINE, BETCH, STEP OFF" and Shawn is all "lol debriefing".

I erupted in fangirlish giggles the likes of which have never left my mouth upon that line. <<<333
It's fun to see Shawn and Carlton being genuinely angry with each other. That hasn't happened very much since the very beginning of the series. Though the line "I know you don't like my methods. I know you don't like me," makes me sad, because I'm positive it's false. Sure, Lassiter is irritated by Shawn, but he doesn't dislike him. I know that he's secretly fond of him, and would probably fall into a funk if he was deprived of the challenge Shawn provides.

Poor Gus. He comes out the loser when Shawn/Lassie fun times are had by all. Also, I've noticed that after this episode Gus is increasingly hostile towards Lassiter. I assume it's some weird kind of jealousy, which I guess is understandable... we know that Gus doesn't have any non-work friends besides Shawn, so a hint, however small, that Shawn is getting along with another guy could annoy him.
Or, y'know, maybe he just doesn't like it when Shawn calls someone else his "partner".

Lol, Shawn's face. XD

Lookit Shawn, busting down doors and interrupting interrogations to save Lassie. This whole episode is basically one long Shawn/Lassie scene, and no, I did not restrain myself at all.

I think Lassie brought pretty groceries because he knew I'd be picspamming this. The colours in this are so lovely.
This is one of my all-time favourite Shawn/Lassie scenes. It's so sweet, sincere and honest. I love it.

Kid who lives down the street and eats nothing but mayonnaise on saltines?
Somewhere in-between, IMO.

Look, I didn't write this scene. I didn't direct it. I didn't ask for it to turn out this suggestive, but that's what happened: this is the scene where Shawn removes an article of Lassiter's clothing and blindfolds him, all the while sucking on a phallic object. While Gus watches. I'm not even attempting to read between the lines, guys. It's just what's there.

Bwahahahaha, Lassie is wearing Shawn's clothes. That's so couple-y, I love it.
Also, there's not even a plot-related reason for it. He spilled tapioca on his other shirt? Okay? Why is that important? I'm convinced someone just thought it would be really amusing if Lassiter wore one of Shawn's shirts.

Hah, this scene is epic, love it. I broke it up into chunks so it looks like I picspamm'd more. :D

One good thing about Drimmer (besides instigating this magnificent episode): he ships Shawn/Lassie. Or at least, he sees what we're talking about.
Extra tidbit of frustrating and excellent awesomeness from the 3x11 DVD commentary:
"Initially when the story came out that Lassiter and Shawn were secret lovers, Shawn wanted to be on the record that it was... what was it?"
"Lassiter pursued him."
"It was one of the best lines ever."
"Shawn wanted it on the record that Lassiter was the one who pursued him."
"We just framed them as lovers."
"Which he had no problem with!"
I didn't match all the voices to who said what, though I do know the last bit was Tim Omundson. :D

Action! Fantastic teamwork, communicating through super-intense eye contact, fun times had by all. I love that gun hand-off for some random reason that probably includes the ~touching~ factor.

And Kelly Kulchak's (executive producer for Psych) all: "See, we have to figure out a way that he gets back and hates them again." And I'm all: "BASTARDS."
No, they do work better under an antagonistic relationship to fall back on, but once in a while I would like some acknowledgement that no, he doesn't actually hate them.
Kelly Kulchak and I are in a fight.

Touching! Fun times. After the whirlwind of excellence that is "Lassie Did a Bad, Bad Thing", it's back to basics.

Love the outtakes from this scene. I wish they'd stuck with the squeaky "Love me!" instead of "Come here often?", that was funnier. And Shawn/Lassie-er.

... and rounding it all out with some epic schadenfreude. \o/

Huzzah! I love season three so much, it's awesome.
I'm a bit bummed out, though, now that I arrive at season 4 with no DVD source to cap from. I might wait until the season 4 DVDs come out to do the season 4 picspam.
Don't use my coloured caps for nefarious purposes, like icon-making, without asking first & crediting this journal and/or picspam.

Cross-posted (sincerest apologies to your flists) to shawn_lassiter and psych_tv.
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