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Season 2 Shawn/Lassiter Picspam

Here's the continuation of my Shawn/Lassie picspam series, this time with season 2! Yeah, I know, it took me a helluva long time. *hangs head*

Click here to view my Shawn/Lassie picspam for season one.

OOH. OOH. I know why he looks sad! It's 'cause season two is absinthe_spoons's least favourite season of Psych. But don't worry, we're still going to make the most of the Shawn/Lassie awesome that did decide to show up.

Lassie's smile is a rare and lovely thing, even when wielded with schadenfreude-ish intent.

Lassie's FACE, OKAY?
Poor Shawn. Yes, that's the closest thing you're going to get to a "thank you" from Lassiepants.

Another item to add to Shawn's secret list of Adorable Things About Lassie: he always wanted a pony. :DDD

Progress, yes? I think so.

Aw. You know what I'd give for a hug between Shawn and Lassie? My soul, probably.

The colours in this were too pretty to mar with a quote. *pets*
This was kind of cruel and unusual punishment on Shawn's part, but... still made its way onto a shipper-y picspam. Look, IDK.

No, I'm still not above including scenes just for the sake of touching. Also, pretty colours.

Spot the differences? It's more of a moment (of touching) than a scene. Lol, it looks like they're posing in a photo booth.

I missed this the first time I watched Psych, but in case you aren't able to tell from this (and I wouldn't blame you) -- Shawn is groping around somewhere in the vicinity of Lassie's crotch, and Lassie bats his hand away. Lol Shawn, you silly little perv.

Also, this scene makes me giggle.

Heee, I love the sweet little look on Shawn's face at the end.

What a line. <3
I was very frustrated with Shawn while capping this scene, all "SHAWN PLEASE WOULD YOU STOP BEING SO DYNAMICALLY SEXY, HONESTLY." For you see, I cannot include every frame.
Lassie, on the other hand, was very cooperative and more statically sexy. I appreciated it.

They are twelve. That is all.

The return of Jules' shipper face! *dance*
I <3 their super secret rendezvous of crime-solving and flirting.

Egads, that last bit is so. damn. cute. A genuine smile! Yay.
I've noticed that Lassiter does tend to enjoy Shawn's ways of operating when it benefits him personally -- we see this again in "Gus Walks Into A Bank".

I think I'm bothered by the idea of Shawn and Lassiter being related for a completely different reason than Shawn is.
Or, y'know, maybe not.

A very pretty scene, with Shawn acting relatively grounded and sympathetic, which is nice to see every once in a while.

*giggles immaturely*
It's not only that Shawn slapped Lassie on the ass, but also Lassiter's priceless shell-shocked reaction that makes this scene truly great.

Aaaaand let's round out the picspam with some good old-fashioned physical contact. Good stuff.

\o/ We made it through season 2! Good times. Season 3 should be up much more promptly, because a) it's not exam time and b) I lovelovelove season three.
Don't use my coloured caps for nefarious purposes without asking first & crediting this journal/picspam.

Cross-posted (sincerest apologies to your flists) to shawn_lassiter and psych_tv.
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