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Shawn/Lassiter Picspam

Whoa, hey look, I picspam'd Shawn/Lassiter from Psych Season 1. My first ever picspam! Excitement. Complete with very sparse and inconsequential commentary!

This is Shawn Spencer:

This is Detective Carlton "Lassie" Lassiter:

This is their excellent (season one) love... in pictures.

And off we go! A recurring theme in this picspam: included because touching. And often for no other reason than touching. Anyway, this sets things up nicely for how the rapport between Shawn and Lassiter builds from quasi-hate and disrespect to ever-so-private fondness and respect. Also, touching.

My BFF said it best: "There's an awful lot of manhandling going on here." Indeed there is. And we like it. Tim Omundson has said on many separate occasions that his favourite things to do involve using his gun and get all ~violence~ on perps. I gotta say, it's one of my favourite parts too.

The flirtacious!wave. Hee. I see you, Juliet, at the left edge of the middle picture. I see you lurking. GTFO, Jules. (No really, I love Jules, she's magnificent.)

Violence! Awesome.
Also, the SBPD should make that hazing ritual standard procedure.

Man, did that ever turn out pretty. *pets*

Putting this question out there: Shawn in formal wear, y/n? I don't care for it. It doesn't work with his hairstyle.

Poor Lassie. I love his face.

The Little Boy Cat ships Shawn/Lassie. I don't blame you, LBC. It's difficult to resist.

Oh, you like it, Lassie. Don't lie.

High praise, coming from Shawn.

... likewise, high praise, coming from Lassiter.

Hm? Oh. Yeah, I just wanted to include one from Weekend Warriors. Starring Shawn's sideburns and Lassie's face-wig.

Ohmydamnlord, I love this scene to bits.
Up until here, the writers were building Lassiter up as thoroughly unlikeable (I mean, trying... I loved him anyway). Here, in The First Great Lassiter Episode, is where he finally gets to be thoroughly sympathetic.
It's all very very good, but my favourite part is where Shawn stops trying to slip away and starts to try to encourage Lassie. In his own very special Shawn Spencer way.

Um? Great scene. Not much else to add.

Shawn's smile in that last frame? So sweet. He's so pleased to see Lassiter getting his confidence back.

I had a hard time choosing the quote for this scene. So... apparently I chose the one that has very little meaning out of context? I guess? Awesome.
This episode = love.

So much love for Jules' shipper face. :D

I gotta come clean: as a chick, I am actually not a fan of the sternum bush. But I love that Lassiter really did end up taking off the tie. <3

I have grown to appreciate this episode a lot more during my re-watches. Probably because I'm as dim as Shawn and didn't realize until much later in the episode that Lassiter is rooting for him all along.

He vouched for him. :D

Oh. Yeah. For the touching. And the pretty.

<<<333 OH LASSIE.
Shawn, bb, you just don't get it, do you?
Also, I would like to add that Michael Weston (the actor, not the character) is awesome.

... idk? This is just cute.

Lol. You really can't tell what's going on in this scene.
Oh well.

We saw that, Shawn.

Ha, I'll be the first to admit that this is not so much Shawn/Lassiter as just Lassiter being ridiculously adorable. Do I care? Not a bit. My OTP has fortune cookie love.

\o/ I'll be picspamming Shawn/Lassie for seasons 2 & 3, and eventually 4, once it airs. And five! 'Cause it was picked up! Weeee.
Don't use my coloured caps for nefarious purposes, like icon-making, please.
EDIT: ... without asking first & crediting this journal.

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