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Whoa, hey, I am actually typing words.

Hell yeah I am. Man, how long has it been? Probably quite a lengthy amount of time. I can't say I'm enthusiastic about checking exactly how long, so let's leave it at that.
So, well, we already know that I am going to talk about television. This is a given.

First off, Psych. PSYCHPSYCHPSYCHPSYCHPSYCH. *gasps for breath* Oh, my god, I cannot believe how much I love this show. I cannot believe how much I love it. It is so incredibly hilarious and I love all the characters to the end of the Earth and back. Most of all -- most of all and everything and all the things -- I Love Head Detective Carlton Lassiter. He is my ideal man. He is such a wonderful, fictional, grouchy man. And after years of toeing the edge of a real-live LJ fangirl, I finally have my first full-blown slash ship: Shawn/Lassie. I love it so goddamn much, with my heart and my soul and my pancreas.
Shawn/Lassie vid rec: I Won't Say I'm In Love
... I think if you click "Start Slideshow" the video window gets bigger. Works for me, at least. Also, if you go to that same person's album, the vid to RENT's Seasons Of Love made me grin manically from start to finish, and the vid to "Take Me or Leave Me" (also from RENT) is also great. Idina and Tracie's parts fit Shawn and Lassie perfectly. Except, of course, that Idina and Tracie's characters are women.
In terms of current goings-on in the world of Psych, I want to know what the deal is with Jules. She has been absolutely no fun these last couple of episodes. All I'm coming up with is that... she's feeling the pinch of the economy? Which is lame. Also, Abigail continues to be pathetically underused. I mean, you know and I know that she is just there as an obstacle to Shawn/Juliet, but they could still give her some goddamn scenes. She's actually pretty adorable if you're not a bitter shipper. Which I'm not. In fact, I probably prefer this state of affairs to the inevitable Shawn/Juliet, since I don't relish the thought of Shawn in a relationship.
My Multimedia & Communications prof is going to hate me, as my assignments as they are plotted out right now have a very similar theme -- namely, Psych. A print ad for Psych for the Photoshop assignment and a Lassie vid for the Moviemaker assignment. (IKR, bleargh, Moviemaker. *spits*)

Secondly, Meeerrrrlllliiiinnnn. I'm rather obsessed with it at the mo'. More specifically, I'm obsessed with him, Merlin himself. *hugs his face*
Let me first say that as adorable as the Arthur/Gwen scenes have been in execution and in and of themselves, I am not a fan of the direction of that particular ship. The thought alone of the inevitable Lancelot love triangle just makes me feel really bad for Arthur. He is not destined to get the girl here, and that rends my blood-pumping organ in twain. Like Shawn Spencer, I'd really rather he wasn't involved with anyone romantically. Then, perhaps, he wouldn't be so distracted and dickish to Merlin.
Because srsly, writers. What happened? At the end of last season Arthur and Merlin were the closest of close. They were pretty much obsessed with dying for each other. Merlin is still there, but Arthur seems to have forgotten who's always there for him.
I'm really really excited for the next episode. (I might recommend that you stop reading if you haven't seen the promos for 2x03.) I'm hoping that this episode is going to pave the way for Merlin/Morgana, if not dive right into it. At first I was pretty certain the girl Merlin is kissing in the promos was not Morgana (also, did you notice he's crying? Awwww. =[ ), but I'm starting to get more hopeful. It's kind of contradictory, because if they do transition Morgana into an antagonist, as in most of Arthurian legend, then that relationship is similarly doomed. But... IDK. Not in the same way? Can't really explain it.
A lot of people seem to think Arthur/Gwen has been really rushed so far. I don't think it's rushed -- I think it's fast, but not unrealistically so. True, the best romances are more drawn out, but I still feel that most of what happened in episode two was natural. Notice, most. I didn't like that whole "but we can never beeeeeeee" bit at the end. Didn't feel right.

I'm going to touch on some of the other new stuff on TV: Glee, FlashForward, Community and Modern Family. All great starts. Glee is a bit inconsistent. I liked the pilot, loved episode 2 and 4, but wasn't feeling episode 3 at all. My favourite characters are Kurt, Sue and Will. Kurt is incredibly fierce and inspirational and breaks my heart in tiny pieces.
I found the FlashForward pilot to be very intriguing, especially the bit about Suspect Zero, that's fascinating. I'm also invested in the plot with Mark's sponsor, with the "dead" daughter in the Middle East. That looks like it could turn into a tear-jerker. And I'm really looking forward to seeing Dominic Monaghan on television again. I've missed him.
Community and Modern Family are looking like really strong comedies for the new season. I'd already seen a lot of Modern Family in the promos by the time I got around to watching the pilot (which EW sent to me in advance, which I thought was pretty cool of them), but it was still really funny. WTF = Why the face? XD
Community really picked up in the second episode. I laughed so hard and so long my throat started hurting. But not like in a piggy sniffles kind of way. I really love Abed, he's the best. He was the only one who was just as funny in the pilot as he was in the second episode.

On the non-TV front, everything's going pretty awesome. I'm in a different residence this year, an upper year residence that's really quiet and private -- much like my new roommate. She's been gone for the past three days and I didn't even notice because there was no difference in behaviour. Which is not necessarily 100% awesome, but it's better than having a totally crazy roommate who parties at all hours. I switched from a Science major to a Math major this year, and it feels a lot more natural, it comes a lot easier to me. I've got some computer science courses thrown in there too, which are working out surprisingly well. I mean, I knew I was pretty handy with computers but not to this degree. Maybe it'll get harder later.

Anyway. I'm going to continue working on my Lassie vid. Ciao.

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