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I will not have this creature FLEECE my kingdom!

Chances are if you're a Merlin fan you've already seen this, but it made me flail with ridiculous joy and brought me no end of glee, so I was duty-bound to pass it on.

I know, I keep updating very briefly and very seldom. To give you some substance, it's two months into my summer break and thanks to the economy and my complete lack of job experience, I do not have a job yet. Kind of frustrating.
I keep picking up new shows, and I really shouldn't, because I already have way too many shows. Right now I'm really into Jericho and Heroes, finishing up the first seasons of both. I am currently working on my first-ever fanvid, which shall be about Jake, the lead from Jericho. If you'd told me a month ago that my first ever fanvid was going to be for Jericho, of all shows, I never would have believed you.
Tags: heroes, jericho, merlin, rl, tv shows, vidding
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