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That's why it's just the Beemer until spring

Okay, so... I decided to change my journal back from friends-only. I am such a flip-flopper. It was just tearing my heart up to see my gorgeous FO banner being reduced to such small, eye-straining size. That's exactly why I did that. Yes.

Just to let you know in advance, I don't really have anything of significance to say... it's just been a really long time since I've said anything here besides wallpaper posts. And wallpapers are great, but they can only can you so far with a livejournal. I am working on chemistry, and simultaneously being creepy at PrisonBreak-Online. It's a great site, very comprehensive. Especially for creepy people like me. omg it's so corny and I don't even understand some of the jokes (it's localized I guess) but it's great because it's by Wentworth Miller and his daddy (... also called Wentworth Miller. heh.) It vies for top spot on the list of cutest things ever. Went lurve.
Oh, and obviously that's very old, but I just found it because I'm being creepy.
I've got an idea for a story about House and Wilson (yes, a fanfiction. Shut up, I hate that word. I can hear you judging me.) It's a three-parter that describes two chance meetings between House and Wilson that occured before they both started working at PPTH, and the last part shows their first meeting at the hospital. They first one takes place when House is 17 and Wilson is 7, the second takes place when Wilson is 19 and House is 29, and the third one happens in 2002. You can do the math 'cause I don't wanna. Oh, and don't steal my idea until maybe after I've written it, plzkthnx.
... These TwoWent cartoons are the best things ever. Not kidding.
You know what I hate? Baseball. I go to watch Prison Break yesterday, and what's on? Baseball. I was excited about watching House today, but what's on? Baseball. Baseball players and their retarded, too-tight, vertical-striped uniforms that make every guy in the world except maybe Corbin Bleu look gay. Which is weird, because Corbin Bleu usually looks gay to me.

I got some undergraduate calendars from my school's guidance office today, for Mac and McGill. This is not for next year, this is for med school, because I think very far in advance. I am even thinking about possible specialties. Anywho, I haven't got around to the Mac book but McGill is so stuck-up. Seriously, they're so exclusive and snobbish with their anglo-hating, it's so irritating. D'you know, they let 7 out-of-province Canadians into their med school per year? Only seven! They have a special process that leaves four positions open for aboriginals! The day les québecois treat aboriginals better than anglos will be an odd day indeed.
That sounded really racist but I don't really care. It's not my fault aboriginals are so down-trodden in this country (and every other).
In other sad and pathetic news, I am showing off the new icons I have amassed. Aren't they gorgeous? crazy_pill has the best Mahone icons on the internet, I say. Animated ones, too. I like the "eye browsing" one best, I think.
... still viewing TwoWents, as I am multi-tasking like woah. They are so completely devoid of humour it's hilarious. Except the ones that are just hilarious. Those are funny.
If that makes any sense. lol. I will use it always. My journal is filled with links to old, old posts. Yes it is.
I should really be doing chemistry. That is alright. It is not due. I should also be reading my french book about kids who get counterfeit money into circulation. Not a bad premise, for a french book. In general, let me just say: french books suck.
Pics of William Fichtner! Woohoo! It is so unhealthy how much I love this 50-year-old man. He is only 7 years younger than my father. I do not really care. There are not enough pictures of Mahone around.
I heard... no, I'm not going to give that rumour life. If I do, it will come true. And that would make me kick a hole in my TV screen.
Molly, though! Michael's impending new potential love interest, coming sometime this season but later than originally planned because the writers realized bringing her in sooner would be idiotic. Dare I say I'm kind of looking forward to seeing her? I like a little bit of romance... and not the Whistler/Sofia kind, or (bleargh) the Sucre/Maricruz kind. The exciting kind. Like Linc/Sofia. That's pretty exciting. Michael/Sara was too, until the end there.
Hey, you know how much I hate Susan B.? She makes me miss Agent Kim. That is how much I hate her. At least Kim had a good actor. At least Kim was properly evil, and not all, I've just destroyed your brother's only prospects at romance and your familial relationship with your brother along with it by brutally decapitating a well-loved character, but I want to talk about your FEEEELINGS, Linc. And how about banging me on a bar? No? Not right now?
How about now?
lol, I cracks me up.
Sometimes I wish I could watch Supernatural. Except I hate horror and am scared easily. I think. I wouldn't know, I don't watch horror. But Jensen Ackles is so damn hot. And he is a BAMF. That is a bad-ass motherfucker. I shortened it. (Yay Dane Cook!)
Lordy, this is taking me a long time today. You know why? I'm blogging. Good job, Detective Horse! You found that horn we put around your neck last week!
That is from "Married to the Sea". Funny stuff. Go visit.
Today's Sluggy Freelance is hilarious, but if I link to it, it will just show the main page, every day. Let's just say I so ship Riff/Aylee now.
Hee, Bill Fichtner is so cute with his wife. I kinda wish that was me. The wife, I mean.
*is terribly ashamed that she just said that* *typed that, w/e*
I am hungry. I shall eat cereal. I am now eating cereal. Tell me again why I took this off Friends Only. omg the funny.
I heard something great the other day on TWoP... the recapper called Michael and Sucre "hetero life-partners". It's frigging perfect. They ARE hetero life-partners.
This is how I feel about Sona!Mahone, through the words of the TWoP recapper: "[The other fighter]'s about to knife Michael in the back when Mahone comes out of the crowd, grabs the guy by the knife wrist, neatly doubles him over, disarms him, and guts him like a trout. It is elegant, efficient, deadly and disturbingly hot. Mahone then shouts, "No weapons -- rules are rules, remember? If we don't have them, we're savages." I think if you continue to carry on like that, my homicidal hottie, I'll remember anything you'd like."
He eez my homicidal hottie.
... not yours.
Did you know that William Fichtner is going to be in 'The Dark Knight'? I am seriously considering that the producers or whatever of this movie are tailoring it to my every unconscious whim. What's this? (insert my name) didn't like Katie Holmes? Well, fire her. Who does she think is awesome? Maggie Gyllenhaal, is she awesome re:(insert my name)? Good stuff. Hire her, she'll make a good Rachel. And just to freak Erin out goodly, let's throw in William Fichtner. Her eyes -- they will bug out of her head. I can see it. Plus Bill Fichtner rocks all kinds of shit.
I monologue a lot in other people's voices. It's a habit.
I've finally got down to downloading my sister's list of songs she wants downloaded. Her taste in songs is so disgusting. They all have lyrics about oral sex and stuff. I don't know if she even knows what they're talking about. She's only twelve. Wait. No, she's thirteen now. Couple of months ago, we were watching Friends and she thought that Chandler had to pee in a cup at the fertility clinic. I was like, "... yes. Well, no. But for you, yes."
BTW, if anyone notices I've got an uncredited icon of theirs, please tell me nicely and I will credit you. I don't mean any harm... it's just, I used to collect icons before I had a LiveJournal (yeah, I know) and I amassed a whole bunch and never knew who made them but they were so gorgeous I had to use them. Flattery, you see. No harm in it.
I watched Surf's Up on the weekend. It is great. All the best movies are animated penguin movies, I swear.

I'm gonna wrap this up, because if I don't, I can see no end in sight. It will just go on forever.

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