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Greetings From The Future

Hey, writing from a brand-new laptop here. My old one decided to call it quits on Wednesday -- it was pretty old, time to die, whatevs. So I ordered a new one yesterday from the campus computer store and it came in today, tg, I never would have survived the weekend without internet. I'm sticking with Windows, can't afford a Mac. Besides, this thing's got all these features -- I mean, really, fingerprint recognition? We live in the future, guys!

I took that Political Spectrum quiz that was posted on ontd_p. Apparently I'm a center-left moderate social libertarian. Who knew? Judging by the comparison of my results to everyone's results, my general leanings are pretty average. As compared to the rest of the quiz-taking internet, I guess.

My Political Views
I am a center-left moderate social libertarian
Left: 2.91, Libertarian: 2.28

Political Spectrum Quiz

I also subscribed to (that's like Netflix for Canadians) this past week. I'm just using it for TV on DVD, I'm not really a movie person. Movies either don't demand enough investment or not enough from me. I joined it initially to get my hands on The Fall, having been beaten over the head with the adorability of Lee Pace by Pushing Daisies. I got discs from "Studio 60" and "Dexter" season 2 this week. Well, actually I just got "Studio 60" so far, but "Dexter" should be here soon. Matthew Perry looks really tired.
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