Erin (absinthe_spoons) wrote,

PB's Final Curtain

Of course, anyone that cares already knows, but just so you know what I'm talking about --> HUZZAH!
I apologize to persistent fans, but I am just so tired of the damn thing. I'd got to the point where I was reading old magazines during scenes that didn't involve Alex. The writers have been underusing Fichtner ever since his character's therapeutically brutal revenge on Wyatt, and as brilliant as his brief moments are, he's effectively been spitting on a bonfire.
Yes, this may mean that I won't get to see William Fichtner for a while. But I'm hoping that the fact that he is now unattached to any first-priority projects may help Surnow's pitch of the "Night and Day" pilot to a new network. No, I haven't given up. Think about it -- can you really picture Joel Surnow dropping his first television project since 24, just because TNT (*spits*) passed on it? This is the man who created Jack fucking Bauer, remember.
It sucks that we have to wait until May/June for it to be over, though. I'm not sure how I feel about this two-extra-episodes business. Just so long as they don't casually kill off Alex in a misguided attempt to "tidy up loose ends", I guess I can wait two extra weeks.
Hee, icon!Alex is impatient too.

Tags: alexander mahone, night & day, prison break, william fichtner
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