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Myers-Briggs Type Indicators

Has anyone reading this ever taken the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator? I did, a couple days ago. I came out an INTJ. The Keirsey Temperament Sorter counterpart of that is the Mastermind. Ooh, chills. I'm a mastermind, muaha. Ha.
Just to make sure I got the right type, I took three separate tests and chose the most commonly-occuring result. The first time I took it, I got INFJ. I am most certainly not an INFJ. Moss is, though. Wave, Moss. *Moss waves* The INFJ type is the most rare (only about 1% of the population has it), so Moss is a sooper special snowflake.
If you want to take the test, I took the test here, here and here. The last one is my favourite, in case you're lazy. There are some great personality profiles listed on Wikipedia under the appropriate MBTI/KTS type, and there are also profiles further along in this post.
I felt like assigning MBTIs to some fictional characters. I chose Prison Break, since it is The Show Erin Most Cares About in much the same way that George W. Bush is still president of the United States.

I analyzed some key characters who appear in season 4, plus Kellerman, because Kellerman is Important.

Lincoln Burrows -- ISTP (Crafter)
Good to know that LINCOLN SMASH is part of Linc's innate personality type. I never knew. I also appreciated the reference to Linc's loyalty and devotion to his brother -- I know it's figurative but I figure the literal sense works just as well. This is one of the types that, as I read about it, I thought, that's LINC. That is SO LINC. His tendency to communicate non-verbally, his bursts of energy, his discomfort with dealing with personal issues and emotions. Linc is very thoroughly a Crafter.

Michael Scofield -- INTJ (Mastermind)
It's right there in the title -- he's a mastermind. He's a master of contingency planning, and spends a lot of time in his head. What clinched this diagnosis for me was the bit that cites Masterminds as tending to leave coworkers/teammates/loved ones uninformed of their plans, only revealing them at the grand finale. That is Mike all over. But of course there are plenty of other attributes too, like being a smug bastard, and only stepping up to leadership positions when others have proven their incompetence.

Fernando Sucre -- ENFP (Champion)
"ENFPs have a great deal of zany charm, which can ingratiate them to the more stodgy types in spite of their unconventionality." Ahaha that is the Sucre/Mike bromance all over. I love the way that Sucre is so genuine about how he feels about people -- you always know whether he likes a person or not. Sucre is more loyal to old friends (well... I guess Linc and Mike aren't OLD friends, but Sucre's known them a while) than the typical ENFP, but overall the happy-go-lucky attitude of a Champion fits him very well. Sucre is an ENFP done right.

Theodore Bagwell -- ESTP (Promoter)
It's a bit difficult trying to fit a sociopath (psychopath?) into Jungian personality types, but I figure you can be as evil and as good as you wish to be with any of the sixteen types. Plus Promoters are known to be occasionally unscrupulous -- granted, it takes a bit to get from "occasionally unscrupulous" to "racist child rapist/murderer yadda yadda", but whatevs. I read the profile and thought, so... they're scrappy! And T-Bag is very scrappy. He wouldn't be alive at this point if he wasn't.

Bradley Bellick -- ENFP (Champion)
Oh, I was so reluctant to give Bellick the same personality type as Sucre. But again, you can be as pathetic or as awesome as you wish with any of the 16 Jungian types. From what I can tell, there is more than one kind of ENFP -- the immature ENFP and the actualized ENFP. Bellick is the former. He needs constant reinforcement from others to maintain his spirits. He's still just as determined as a loyal dog still following his master no matter how many times he's kicked, but he gets petulant over small setbacks. He can be intentionally manipulative in an anvilicious sort of way -- he's the ENFP gone wrong.

Sara Tancredi -- ISTJ (Inspector)
I think doing this little exercise helped me to respect the characters more. I think I understand Sara better now that I know she's an ISTJ. What I had dismissed as monotonous acting can be interpreted as a characteristic serious and determined air. The importance she places on honesty, the way her wry sense of humour peeks out every once in a while is all textbook Inspector behaviour.

Alexander Mahone -- INTJ (Mastermind)
Yeah, yeah. I know it looks like I branded him a Mastermind because that's my type, and we're OMG MEANT TO BE, but it's really the other way around -- I'm so drawn to him as a character because we have the same personality type. Alex's INTJ type really comes out in his season 2 scenes in FBI headquarters. His impatience for incompetence, his self-confidence and his perfectionism are all very obvious in the workplace. I can also see the Alex/Pam marriage as the characteristic union created by an INTJ -- it was late arriving, but it stuck fast, and Pam knew him well enough to know that he loved her even when he didn't find it necessary to show it. Um, and then he went insane.

Paul Kellerman -- ISTJ (Inspector)
I thought it was cool that Sara and Kellerman turned out to be the same type. I think that if they were on the same side from the beginning, they would have clicked a lot better than Michael and Sara ever did. My favourite versions of Sara and Kellerman are, respectively, NA!Sara and Gay Lance. In diagnosing Kellerman, I thought it was important to stress Paul's sense of duty and loyalty to Caroline and to his country. His serious attitude sprinkled with wry, sarcastic humour coincided with what I read about Inspectors.

LJ Burrows -- INTP (Architect)
We haven't seen too much of LJ, and I don't know if what we've seen is enough to categorize him. However, I see him as a very intelligent, introspective, and well-spoken young man. Doesn't hurt that the actor is way older than the character is supposed to be. Also, I could definitely see LJ having an "impending sense of failure".

Gretchen Morgan -- ENTJ (Fieldmarshal)
This is another personality profile that I read and thought immediately how well it would fit Gretchen. She's the larger-than-life control freak, cool under fire, and argumentative when challenged. Her take-charge attitude is perfectly addressed by the Fieldmarshal personality type. One profile I read pretty much described her bad-ass blue steel stare perfectly.

Jonathan Krantz -- ENTJ (Fieldmarshal)
As squicky as Gretchen/General Krantz is, they DO have the same personality type. He has the same natural gift for leadership, and his lack of tolerance for error is exemplified in that unfortunate incident when he shot that creepy guy. Oh, creepy guy. Krantz's plans for Laos vs. the USA are a good reflection of the Fieldmarshal's penchant for long-range planning. Plus, he epitomizes the tremendous amount of personal power and presence (alliteration!) characteristic of the ENTJ type.

Mark Wheeler -- ESTJ (Supervisor)
I wouldn't even have included Wheeler, but this personality type jumped out at me, tackled me to the floor and made me do it. Nothing Wheeler would ever have done himself -- true to his personality profile, MARK adheres strictly to the rules and devotes himself to authority. His character arc of becoming disillusioned with his former idol is woven right into his character, in that Supervisors will criticize and view with disdain anyone who does not meet their strict, rigid standards.

Felicia Lang -- ISFJ (Protector)
I used a lot of Lang's relationship with Alex as grounds for this diagnosis. Her bad-ass side isn't demonstrated too much by the ISFJ type, but nobody has to adhere strictly to the profile of their Jungian type. I certainly don't. Lang is very concerned with protecting her loved ones (Alex included), and can be a little possessive, to the point where she may not trust them to make their own decisions. She's quite selfless, and her decision to favour her loyalty to Alex of her loyalty to the bureau is typical of a Protector.

Donald Self -- ISFP (Composer)
Self was difficult to categorize because he's such a douche and I didn't want to burden any of the types with his douchiness. His two-faced tendencies can be translated into the propensity of Composers to be gushing and flattering on one occasion and cold and aloof at the next meeting. They're also highly competitive and driven by gut-feelings, which can lead to overconfidence (which Self certainly has). Composers are apt to live out their ids, and I'd say that Self's pursuit of the Scylla payout is a definite manifestation of his id.

James Whistler -- ENTP (Inventor)
Yay, Whistler bb, I miss you. Unfortunately, his abs do not figure into his personality profile. Inventors are very observant of their surroundings and read other people well; I'm reminded of his informal interview with Alex at the beginning of season 3, when he briefly deconstructed Alex's rapport with Scofield. James was good at thinking on his feet. I don't doubt that some part of him enjoyed arguing with Michael over his identity and the importance of the bird book; ENTP types tend to enjoy verbal sparring.

Lisa Tabak -- ENFJ (Teacher)
Lisa's charismatic presence at events such as the Eagles & Angels service epitomize how I see the ENFJ. She's the master of unintentional manipulation, and even in such a shady organization as the Company, she well and truly believes (or used to, at any rate) that she's working toward the greater good. The devotion she carried for her father and his cause is juggled with her many charities and duties as an important member of the community. Like other ENFJs, she wants to do everything at once, and ends up not doing either job to completion.

Pamela Mahone -- INFJ (Counselor)
I've always thought of Pam as a naturally suspicious person and a fiercely protective mother. And I disagree completely with those who say that it was unrealistic for Pam to be so keen on revenge -- according to her Jungian type, it was very much in-character. The concepts of revenge and poetic justice can be appealing to the Counselor. Typical of the INFJ, she has a gracious attitude towards a wide spectrum of people but the unbreakable bonds that exist within her family (with Alex and the memory of her son) are above and beyond all else, and transcend circumstance.

By all means speak up if you think I've got any of the types wrong.

I know LJ is saying that we don't have anything to worry about, but hypothetically, if LJ did go down... where would you go?
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