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New Layout

I got a new layout. I kind of love it to pieces. All the little... details... and the... pretty... and... *sigh*
And since I now have a permanent account -- such a blessing and such a curse (when my mom saw my Visa bill) -- I overdosed on icons. A lot of them. And it has been brought to my attention that, had anyone elected to be notified whenever I upload a userpic, I may have just broken their e-mail inbox. So... well, crap. I am so sorry. I suggest you remove that notification feature, though. I used to use it, but it got seriously irritating.
My N&D-related stress levels have gone way down, thanks to my realization of three things: a) even if "Night and Day" doesn't get picked up now, that doesn't mean it won't get picked up later in the year, because b) TNT is looking to introduce seven original hourlongs to the schedule for 2009, and c) TNT is known to pick up series sporadically throughout the year, not just at upfronts and similarly official-type events. So that's good news.
I watched "The A-Team" today. Dwight Schultz has a hell of a good singing voice. I also watched a ton of "Bones" episodes, and noticed that Father Scanlon from "Invasion" is in... y'know, that episode where Zack discovers graphic novels. The one with the dying kid who pretends to be a superhero, and works at a bowling alley. That one. You know the one.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, by the way. I'm not good about making obligatory greeting posts. My New Year was probably the most quiet I've ever had... I watched Tropic Thunder and The Duchess with my mom, and we ordered Vietnamese and indulged in some alcoholic beverage consumption. And by that I mean that I had a lime cooler. I'm not really a drinker. Tropic Thunder was a little crude for my tastes, but I laughed my head off at Tom Cruise's final dance number. That was amazing.
My train back to rez is on Sunday. Boo. I hate sleeping in the same room as another person.
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