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4.12 "Selfless" Reaction Post


- So, I forget, why is moving Scylla supposed to be so hard? It's in a box, down the elevator from where Gen. Krantz is just hangin' out in his office. Hell, he could kind of move it himself.
- I don't like Gretchen's shoulder thingies.
- Lincoln's principal threat is "... or I'll blow your/his head clean off." He always says this. It is important.
- Goddamn, Alex is such a bad-ass motherfucker. "You're gonna wanna put that down."
- I noticed something interesting reviewing some of the earlier episodes of PBS2 in a refresher course on the awesomesauce that is Agent Wheeler -- when S2 started, Agent Mahone's voice was very sophisticated and refined. Now, Alex's voice is much closer to WF's real accent. So much sexier.
- I love how befuddled and confused Krantz is in this scene. He has no idea wtf's going on.
- lol @ Mike being all smirky and smug.
- I miss Alex's black button-down shirt. It was so awesome. Bring back the button-down!
- I lmao'd @ "Suck it, general." Sucre is beyond awesome in this ep.
- Um, what the fuck is going on with Self being all bad-ass? This is really odd. And by odd I mean... odd.
- I know we're supposed to be feel slightly sorry for T-Bag and be intrigued by his little conflict about wanting to stay a respectable businessman... but I'm just not feeling it. I'm sorry. I haven't been interested in T-Bag since the third episode of this season.
- That said, I love the "Now what!" gesture he does.
MIKE: How's it going on your end?
SARA: (SMIRKS) Pretty damn good.
ME: Heee. 'Kay, Sara, I admit, that was cool.
- That line of Alex's about sitting at the desk and giving the order to kill Cameron was awkward. It happens. Whatever. But also, I'd always thought that Wyatt killed Cameron on his own initiative. Krantz's orders were to kill Scofield, Mahone, Burrows and not to report back until he had.
- Gretchen is irritating me like nobody's business. None of her lines are coming off well today.
- "Careful." That was a nicely executed line by DP. Just the right hint of a threat.
- As big of a douche Self is in this episode, on the shallow side? I like what MR's done with his hair. If he's done anything, I guess. It just looks nice.
- I know we're supposed to be all shocked (SHOCKED, I say!) by the revelation that Krantz is Lisa's father, but tbqh, it was kind of obvious.
- Hah, Sara is kicking ass (not literally) and Mike is taking names (quite literally).
- I had a look at that list and he forgot Paul Kellerman, Adrian Rix, Bishop McMorrow and Sebastian Balfour. I'm pretty sure he doesn't even know Kellerman is dead, but the other three, he should. Also, I like that Cameron is so high up (third) on the list. After Aldo, though, which makes me a little embarrassed for Alex.
- You know what irks me? T-Bag always pronounces Mr. White's last name "Wyatt". And... you know, Wyatt's gone. I don't like being reminded of him all the time.
- ... but then there goes Mr. White, so I guess I won't have to suffer oh-so-cruelly any longer.
- Can we have Sara in a constant state of bad-assery? Or extreme emotion, or something? Because already she's slowing down and slipping back into monotone delivery. SWC and WM both work best when they have high emotion to convey -- they tend to get lazy and monotonous in the in-between moments.
- When T-Bag was running through the parking garage I honestly thought he was going to collide with one of those pillars. It would have been an odd moment of old-school physical humour, but I would have loved it.
- I don't know how I feel about the news that Aldo played the Kellerman role. My constant Alex-bias wants to feel a little vindicated that Aldo's got another point against him.
- Ahaha that's an awesome waiter. The Company may have agents in law enforcement all across the Company, but the Scylla team has the support of the country's WAITERS. Hot damn.
- I like Krantz and Lisa's phone call right after she exits the restaurant. You can see the (slightly twisted) father-daughter bond going on there.
- I think this episode has the highest awesome factor to Alex content ratio of any episode this season. It manages to be really crazy thrilling and fun without having a lot of Alex in it.
- Oh, the General is coming apart at the SEAMS. This is a good sign.
- I was irrationally giddy when the brothers split up from Alex and Sucre. Impending Alex and Sucre moments! I think Alex and Sucre are my new BFF!ship (my personal brand of ship).
- A case of my Amazing One-Track Mind in action: when they showed all the planes being delayed on the screen, my eye was drawn to the flight to Albuquerque and I was all, hey! The Night and Day pilot was filmed there! *N&D dance of crazy anticipation*
- That "who'd-a thought they'd actually be right about somethin'?" close-up was WAY TOO CLOSE UP. I have no desire to assess Theodore Bagwell's many dental issues at this point. You can gtfo of his face right about now, cameraman.
- Aw, poor widdle Jonathan looks so helpless and sad. I can't help it, okay? Old people tug my heartstrings.
- EEEEEEEEEEEEE they are BONDING over BEERS and it is BRILLIANT and ALLITERATIVE. Um. Yes. Alex and Sucre. Best Friends Forever, okay? This scene made the entire episode for me. I mean, the rest of was crazy awesome, but this was a big chunk of awesome right there. I think I may overuse the word "awesome".
- I know this is mean and shallow, but I am never more aware of WM's new pudginess than when Sara is hugging Michael. Also? I am by no means MiSa's biggest fan, and I do not want to encourage it, but it is a little ridiculous how... NOT boyfriend & girlfriend they seem when they are together. Did they just think that one roll in the sack was going to hold them over romance-wise for the rest of the season? Again, I AM NOT ASKING FOR MISA SEX. I just think it's strange.
- I've probably forgotten something during the course of the episode, but why is "Agent Miriam" running around in some sort of lacy underthing? One last hurrah for her overexposed rack?
- Heee. <3 Alex and Linc, all settled up! I mean, I knew they were before, but I can't get enough of those moments of forgiveness b/w the old enemies.
- OH DICK MOVE. That envelope of blank papers was COLD. Self is now both a) even more of a caricature that he already was, and b) apparently suicidal, because didn't the Scylla Five just prove themselves extremely competent and possessive of an infallible knack for getting what they want? He's seen firsthand the brainpower of both Michael and Alex, seen the cohesiveness and and competence of the group, knows how brutal and ruthless Alex and Lincoln can be, knows EXACTLY how much retrieving Scylla and taking down the Company means to them. I think this episode was supposed to show how he had been holding back and is actually more capable than he's ever let on, but I've never been more incredulous of his boundless stupidity. He is so doomed.

Aaand that's all. Guess I'm back on the Prison Break bandwagon. Christ. Now if only I could find a reliable source of screencaps...
OMG, guys, 4.14 is just two episodes away! Excitement! That should brighten up December exam-time substantially.
I have some fierce heartburn going on over here. I have taken a Rolaid but it is not helping matters.
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