Erin (absinthe_spoons) wrote,

MDs -- Complete Series

I've uploaded the complete series of ABC's "MDs", starring William Fichtner and John Hannah.
MegaUpload is hating on me right now, so I've got each ep in three .rar files on RapidShare.

1.01 "Time of Death":

1.02 "A La Casa":

1.03 "Open Heart":

1.04 "Heartland":

1.05 "Cruel and Unusual":

1.06 "R.I.P.":

1.07 "Wing and a Prayer":

1.08 "Reversal of Fortune":

Comment if you download, please, it'll make me feel all fuzzy inside. :D
ETA: Oh yeah, I know the quality is really crappy. That's just how I got 'em... I think they're ripped from videocassettes.
Tags: mds
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