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Dear Yuletide Writer

Dear Yuletide Writer,
Hi! I'm Erin. *shakes your hand* This is my first time doing Yuletide, and a DYW letter for that matter as well. So I hope this letter is enough to go on if you're in search of some inspiration. You are, of course, under no obligation to take any of this content to heart. If you already have a good idea of what you're going to write, then that's awesome. Go to town. If not?


First off, good on you for knowing about this little-seen show. I only know about it because, um, it's William Fichtner in scrubs. I had to get my hands on it. If it's not completely obvious by now, I'm completely obsessed with William Fichtner.
The cool thing about this teeny, tiny fandom is that it left so much hanging up in air. It begs for fic. I was initially attracted to this show for its mischievousness and its obvious appreciation for Fichtner's good looks. In short, I love it for completely shallow reasons. I'm not looking for a fic that takes itself too seriously. I'm not against angst, but please nothing that would seem too dark and out-of-place on the show itself.
MDs' slashiness was fun, but I ended up falling hard for Bruce/Quinn. I found Dr. Joyner annoying at first -- she looked as if she was going to become this show's Cuddy -- but I ended up being won over by her awesomeness. I like her independence, how she doesn't need a relationship to make her happy, but also that she isn't overpoweringly feminist. I like that she can't help but be charmed by Bruce, but she tries to hide it and be professional.
Kellerman! (BTW, if you're familiar with Prison Break, a heavily-shrouded, tongue-in-cheek reference to Agent Kellerman would make me giggle; if you aren't, that's cool.) Dr. Bruce Kellerman is awesome for his mischievousness, his physicality, his occasional childlike naivete. Also, he's hot. XD
I love snappy, witty dialogue, and concision is always good. I'm not crazy about stream-of-consciousness writing.
Honestly and truly? I do not want sex in this fic. I don't think they know each other well enough, plus I think Bruce is still getting over Pam. Fluff isn't usually my type of fic, but I can unabashedly say that I think that's what I'm looking for.
If you want more specific ideas...
- Bruce takes Quinn sailing.
- Origin fic -- either Bruce or Quinn's first day at the hospital.
- Bruce has to cancel a lunchdate with Quinn because Mac has a soccer game; she offers to come along.


Yay Invasion! Yes, another show starring William Fichtner. What can I say, it's a disease.
This fic doesn't have to be het, gen is fine. In fact, gen is equally awesome as het. But if you're going to get shippy, I'm going to have to insist on Tom/Mariel. That's right, I'm nixing Tom/Russell, Russell/Mariel... and the idea of Tom/Grace makes me panicky, so steer clear of time periods after ep.22 and if you want to write about before Tom and Mariel's marriage, make it a sizeable amount of time after the plane crash. Tom hitting on his doctor hours after discovering his wife was dead always creeped me out a teeny bit.
Tom is my favourite character on the show, followed closely by Mariel. I prefer their relationship when they're (relatively) functional and in love and being bad-asses. Mariel is fantastic because she's such a strong character, making it look easy(ish) to double as a part-time mother and the chief of staff at a hospital during a hurricane/alien invasion. My favourite scenes with her are when she's being bizarrely cheerful and perky and creeping everybody else out. My least favourite scenes with her are those that are alien-pregnancy-related. I'm not a big fan of sci-fi, so if you could steer clear of those elements, that would be cool.
I love Tom for his snarkiness and physicality and cockiness. I love that he can't sing karaoke to save his life. I love that he kicks all kinds of ass. And, of course, he's hot. Heh. I don't think of him as a bad guy, he's just... he's a control freak, and doesn't trust people to make their own decisions, and he's made a couple of selfish decisions in order not to feel alone.
I would love to see something within the timeframe between Mariel and Russell's divorce and Mariel being changed. If you want to keep the cast of the fic to just Tom and Mariel, that's fine, but any combination of characters is cool as long as Tom and Mariel are there and in focus, and they're only shipped with each other. It would be interesting to see Kira and/or Jesse in the early years of their parents' marriage, how they handled it.
I love snappy, witty dialogue, and concision is always good. I'm not crazy about stream-of-consciousness writing.
I'd prefer plot to sex, and I *really* don't want any sex post-Mariel's change, because that just leads to alien pregnancies and all the bad special effects that go along with it.

Murdoch Mysteries

Aw, hey, I miss Murdoch Mysteries. It's hard to get access to this show when you don't have a television.
Best part about this show? How dorky everyone is. Endearingly so. I could go on a long shpiel about why I love Dr. Ogden and Detective Murdoch (and Crabtree too! Ilovehim, k?), but it would just about boil down to this: I love them for being dorks. I love Murdoch's refusal to loosen up, I love when Ogden makes a joke or uses a pun and cracks up at herself about it, I love Crabtree's awkwardness in pretty much any given situation.
I'm a fan of the light UST on the show, and don't need it to be explicitly broken. I'd rather have Murdoch and Ogden edge just a tiny bit closer than to suddenly have them making out on Dr. Ogden's autopsy table (o_O).
I love snappy, witty dialogue, and concision is always good. I'm not crazy about stream-of-consciousness writing.
Dr. Ogden (and maybe Murdoch too) tends to realize her feelings for Murdoch more when he is put in danger. That may be a good way to get things rolling -- put either Ogden or Murdoch (or both) in danger. Or! Crabtree could try (and fail, spectacularly, due to dorkiness) to set them up? Hum. I dunno.

Hope you have a great time writing my story, and don't stress out too hard about it!
My best,
-- Erin
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