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More Wallpapers

I appear to be going through a wallpapering phase. My friend requested some wallpapers of Michael and Sara, since she has not made her peace that Sarah Wayne Callies is propagating her genes with someone besides Michael Scofield.
I was also asked to do some of Michael and Sucre, but... I've noticed that I do not have any pictures of Amaury Nolasco (Sucre) that so not look totally promiscuous. This would not usually be a problem, but the wallpapers include Michael and Sucre, so it just ends up looking gay. Um.
Despite the fact that I am not so much invested in the pairing (I have made my peace), I think I may like these new wallpapers better than the 'mind mates' ones. But only if I ignore the glaring flaws -- i.e. Sara is a freaking giant. And the wall doesn't match.

Ciao bella!
Tags: michael, pb season ii, prison break, rendezvous, sara, wallpapers
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