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... well, you can, technically. You, you awesome Americans, you. C'mon over here, U.S., I want to give all of you a big hug. Because I LOVE ALL OF YOU RIGHT NOW.
I feel like the earth is shifting under our feet. This is history, this is the beginning of something.
I want to hop over the border and go party with Americans right about now. I want to run through the halls of SMHR hollering "YES WE FUCKING CAN!" at the top of my lungs... but most people here aren't into it, I can't fathom it. HISTORY, PEOPLE.
I'm expressing my heart-bursting joy through mood theme! Courtesy of sincerely_jane. I feel kind of silly, though, I don't have an Obama-related icon. That should be remedied toute suite.
The election pretty much took up my entire day from 6pm up until now (2:15am). I did, in fact, watch Prison Break. It was glorious in the parts that matter. But Prison Break has been completely overshadowed for today.
I have so much love and admiration for this man, this symbol, this new world leader. I love him and his family, and I love Joe Biden and his crazy family too.
*flails* I really want to be an American for a day right about now.
ETA: I didn't cry at all last night, not even when the victory was announced. Now... argh, I can't stop crying, I can't stop grinning. I'm so proud. I'm so happy and touched by this turn of events, this plot twist in America's history. It's not even my country, I don't live there, but I love America so much at this moment.
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