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Two Important Services For The People

Yes, WF has some... interesting speech patterns. But normally in an interview, the journalist would cut out all those bits. So I've streamlined it!

What's it feel like to have a master storyteller like Stephen King gush about "Prison Break" and his acting?
“I know, that was pretty sweet, huh? I had my wife go get a couple of copies so I could send them to my mother. You know, the first thing I thought, I've been such a Stephen King fan for so long. I mean, I love "The Shining" the movie, but the book is -- is where it's at and it's nice. It's always nice to be complimented.”

Your character, Alex Mahone has had one of the most emotionally charged storylines this season.
“I love the way the writers always challenge me. It makes... it's never a one-note experience for Mahone, ever. I mean, the same was true of last year when we were in Sona. It was the same sort of thing, falling into the drugs and missing his family and feeling like his whole world was caving in. I never had much to say before each season but when I sit down with Matt Olmstead and our writers, the one thing that I always look at Matt and say is, just make it challenging, just throw everything at me. It's what – it's what keeps you going, what keeps me going.”

As an actor, the emotional journey he has to make to show Mahone’s feelings of grief and revenge at the same time.
“I wish I could have the ready answer for that one, but I don't know, I don't think of it in terms of – I can never explain it that well, I guess, is what I'm saying. You go through the journey and you... I'm a firm believer that an actor that works on television, especially in a series, that if you care about your character and what you're doing and whatever your piece of the puzzle is of that show, by seven or eight episodes if the writers want to know about that character, ask the actor playing it. I really think it's all about common denominators.”

Do you think Mahone’s quest for revenge has made it difficult for him to grieve?
“Yeah, revenge is a funny thing. It's one of those emotions like jealousy, revenge. It's so all-consuming that I don't think you can really live and function if you really let it grip you that much, but Mahone's been around long enough and with his work experience and his life that I kind of feel like he knew the time would come and this was the best way, this was the best position to be in, to be ready for when the time came."

Is Mahone’s quest for revenge really more about redemption?
“I think this year is different because of the events of Episode 1 and what happens to my family, that’s something that just clears the slate on everything. I mean, I can only imagine that every issue up to that point is mute. You know? That’s the driving force of what could take him down or lift him up, or it’s... the revenge factor is... I don’t know. The playing of it... I don’t really think about "Oh, I got to get revenge on him, I got to get revenge." It’s just a matter of -- I don’t know. Revenge seems too calculated. This is –- there doesn’t feel like there’s anything calculated about Mahone getting to Wyatt. It’s just a matter of time.”

How would Mahone describe Wyatt (actor Cress Williams)?
“Large. He's incredibly large. Cress, he's like a big teddy bear, but I assign a whole other set of emotions and what I think about him when I see him -- but it's always a joy to work with him, always, and he's a really a real class act and I think he's played the part really, really well.”

... o.O Really, Bill? "Really well"? 'Kay.

Page 1

Linc is meeting with someone called Janet. I am picturing my mom here, b/c her name is Janet. It makes the scene funnier. My mom and Dominic Purcell. Lol. Coincidentally, I think we are supposed to think that Janet is Linc and Mike's mom. Janet is all, We're the good guys, and Linc is all, I am dubious.

Page 2

There is a lulz-worthy note on the side of this page --> note: "Scylla" is pronounced Like "silla". I'm not sure why that's funny, but it is. Distraction! It turns out TC used to be all benevolent, but General Pad Man turned it to shit. Janet talks about... a factory that makes solar cells? I do not care? Neither does Linc? Attaboy, Linc. Then Janet implies that she's ordering a hit on Krantz. Oooh.

Page 3

Linc leaves. The signs are still pointing to the idea that we're supposed to think Janet is Christina Rose. I call shenanigans and BS and other synonyms. Once he leaves, Janet tells her driver that she doesn't think he bought it. She says that if he doesn't "come around" after a couple of days, that he should be killed. By... the driver? He is a part-time assassin, part-time chauffeur, I guess.

Page 6

Michael gets snarky with the Company doctor, all, Yeah, pssh, my mom worked for you, yeah right. And the doctor's all, *worked*? The word is "works" for us, fool. She's aliiiiive.


There's this joke where Linc goes into a bar and there's a bartender named Brent and a manager named Mark and a cocktail waitress named Tia, and so Linc asks the bartender about this guy with black, greying hair who wears a suit. And so Mark says he doesn't know where he is, and Tia is nervous and Linc is persistent and Mark suspects hearing loss. It's not a very funny joke.

Page 7

So maybe that wasn't a joke, it was the beginning of a scene. My bad. Linc is very persistent and Mark and Brent lose their cool and everyone except Tia fight like rhinocerouses. Rhinocereses. Rh... rhinos. Yes. Linc is the biggest rhino so he kicks both their asses from here to the season (series, plz?) finale. Then he walks up to the waitress and asks about the mysterious dude again, and she admits that she knows him. Was that so hard? Apparently he dates someone named "Erica". Yeah, sure. So Linc takes Tia by the arm and they're going to go get ahold of the mysterious dude.

Meanwhile, Mike doesn't believe the doctor. That's understandable. Didn't Linc watch their mommy die? Or was that, like... the process of dying, that he saw, and not the actual death? The doctor insists that she left the brothers Burrows & Scofield to "protect them". Aldo and Christina were clearly made for one another.

Page 9

Woah, Linc has a fancy-shmancy Company-provided car. That's cool. Or maybe not, since, y'know, COMPANY. Tia is trying to get in touch with Erica. Maybe she'd have better luck if her dialogue wasn't so horrendous. Erica texts to say she'll be there pronto, and then Tia and Linc discuss his intentions with Erica's BF. Erica's BF purportedly "has something that doesn't belong to him". This may be terrible unoriginal, but I'm thinking Scylla. Erica arrives.

Page 10

Linc gets out and walks toward Erica, who looks nervous. Linc follows her surreptitious glance to a guy in a baseball cap, who starts shooting at Linc OMG.

Page 11

Linc returns fire. Baseball Cap (this is actually the name given to him in the script, I am not kidding you) runs away and gets into a car with Tia, who is a Sneaky Bitch, but then, who isn't? The car departs. FUCK. <--- lol, not my wording. The writers love to make colourful commentary on these things, don't they? Anyway, Baseball Cap gets back to some kitchen or something where Tia and HER boyfriend are hanging out. Tia's BF is Scott Carruth. Tia describes Linc and they talk about how they tricked Linc, lulz.

Page 12

But it turns out they didn't so much, because Tia checks her purse for a smoke and OH NO Linc stole her wallet, lol. For some reason, Linc gives Tia's wallet to Gretchen (???), saying that she is the key to getting to... I'm gonna keep calling him Erica's BF. On the balcony, Self and T-Bag are discussing srs bzns. Gretchen talks about the four of them all being enemies, so I am thinking she and T-Bag have not had wild psychopath sex yet. :(

Page 25

Mike's still talking to the Company doctor, who is trying to get under Mike's skin by describing how Mike would visit his mommy's grave every year like clockwork, and apparently mommy's been watching him do this, as she is not the only person in the family who responds to situations by staring at people. Then the doctor makes him eat b/c he's evil.

Um, Sara has an appointment but the other person is late. Yawn.

Page 26

Self and WTF ALEX? I thought he was gone. Shit, I still have to watch this show. They are visiting a harbour master, whose name is "Stember", which is an odd name. Alex and Self are trying to find Tia. There is a cute moment where Self does his whole "I am Homeland Security, hear me roar", and Alex smirks at his childishness. The writers cut it cuz they're bitches. Also, Alex's name is "Bruce Liberace", which reminds me of Bruce Kellerman from MDs. Mmm.

Page 27

Alex and Self pretend they are searching for contraband Cuban cigars, and throw their weight around until Stember (lol) admits that she was here with Erica's BF asking about a private charter. Alex & Self are now interested in this same charter; Stember directs them to the berth, saying that it has just cleared customs. Alex & Self leave.

Meanwhile, the Company doctor is reporting to General Krantz about Scofield. Interestingly, the General says they are in the mountains. A secret mountain hospital?

Page 30

Hey, you know what I've just noticed? Sucre isn't in this script slip. Hum. Anywho, Self & T-Bag & Gretchen & Linc checks people's luggage on the boat. It's good times. Alex doesn't have to do that shit b/c he's better than that. He's keeping an eye on the passengers. Sunglasses (and they call him that because he wears sunglasses) is suspiciously staring-and-looking-away at Alex. Alex is suspicious and strolls in Sunglasses' general direction. Sunglasses bolts, and Alex yells "Linc!" (OMG BFFS! What? He used Linc's nickname). Alex and Linc run after Sunglasses (and by that I mean WILLIAM FICHTNER AND DOMINIC PURCELL RUN AFTER SUNGLASSES. NO STUNT GUYS OR I WILL HAFTA CUT A BITCH).

Page 31

More chasing... Alex & Linc catch Sunglasses, whose name is Ted, but his friends call him Sunglasses Ted. Turns out he's scared b/c there are three joints in his backpack. SCYLLA JOINTS? No, not so much. FUCK. (Again, not me. The writers, they should wash out their mouths with soap, but I <3 them.)

Meanwhile, Sara is bodily forced (hooded and cuffed) out of a black van. Oh, good gods, she's been abducted again. They transfer her to a limo. How concise.

Page 33

Oh hai! Sara is meeting with Lisa. Y'know, I think Lisa is kinda cool. She has an interesting rapport with the General. Lisa says that Mike is "the object of a quick, nasty process and you're wasting time." I don't know what that means, so don't ask me. Sara gets out of Lisa's car.

Over at the harbour, Alex & Self have returned a day later. Alex points out a security camera, and asks Stember for the security tape from yesterday. Stember has looked into their clearance levels, but Self decided that the threat of a bullet wound to a vital area is more motivating than "clearance levels". Stember agrees and leaves to get the tape.

T-Bag, Gretchen and Self re-group. They start watching the security tape, talking about whether they could have missed Scylla on the boat.

I'm clearly on Prison Break withdrawal. Monday cannot come fast enough.

ETA: That script came from here -->
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