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Prison Break Wallpapers

Woah, it's my first post that isn't friends-only. A note to those who aren't my "friends": most of my posts will be friends-only, since I talk about stuff that most people wouldn't care about anyway. If you want to read them, friend me and I may friend you back (and if you don't have an LJ account -- well, that's kind of important. Get one.)
The order of business for today is to post some wallpapers! I found some old Prison Break season II promo pics on PrisonBreakOnline, and made a batch of seven (almost identical) wallpapers featuring Mahone and Michael, since I love the interactions between those two. They're very simple, and it may be obvious that I went crazy with the filters on Photoshop, lol. I'm rather proud of them, anyway.

Wow. Those are... well, they're very similar, but I love them as children (second's my favourite, actually). Yay! Awesome. *boosts her own considerable ego*
Tags: mahone, michael, pb season ii, prison break, wallpapers
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