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Rec Me TV Shows, Plz

Oh hai, I jumped up a spot on the list of top PB bloggers:
I'm a little more proud of that then I should be. Though I do object to the inclusion of "An Inane Tale From 4 AM"... that entry was pretty personal, and was not PB news in any way, shape or form.
That's all I had to say, heh. OH NO WAIT. I've discovered streaming after deeply mistrusting it for so very, very long. So now I'm taking a long hard (lol, dirty) look at my repertoire of television shows.
I currently watch three still-running shows:
1. Prison Break
2. House
3. Bones
... I know, I'm not very prolific. But yesterday, I watched the pilots to:
- Supernatural
- How I Met Your Mother
- Dexter
... and they were all pretty awesome. Actually, I watched the pilot of "30 Rock" too, but I did not enjoy it. I was surprised, everyone is all "OMG 30 Rock is the best!!1!" but I just didn't find it funny. I've started watching Dexter before but that was back when I had no DVR nor any inclination to download TV, so I fell behind and eventually gave up. But I love that show, so I am all over it now.
Are there any other shows that, IYO, I should start watching ASAP?
Tags: 30 rock, bones, dexter, himym, house, lol wut, prison break, supernatural
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