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4.08 "The Price" Reaction Post

Okay, since I tend to proportion my enjoyment of an episode to how much Alex awesomeness there was in it, I think it's pretty clear that I wasn't too keen on 4.08 "The Price". Nothing seemed to hit the right note with me. There's a lot of snark fodder in this, though.

- Oh cool, it is Derrick Sweeney. He is cool for two reasons: a) he is Linc's friend and I like it when at least ONE of the Burrows/Scofield brothers have friends (*snuggles poor lonely Mike*), and b) he was a part of my very favourite Linc scene from season 2, in "Sweet Caroline". Can we have Derrick around all the time? Because I love him. Even if he is a violent maniac. He makes Linc really cool.
- lolz, DP sucks at acting so hard, but I love him anyways.
- I enjoyed watching Mike in the scene on the pier. Especially the line, "I'm fine." Hard to put my finger on why.
- Yay, Linc's being cool to Alex again! Thanks, Big Poppa Linc. *hugs*
- How does Alex still have that picture? Didn't it get severely waterlogged and presumably ruined, if not lost completely, during the water-based portion of the Sona escape? Or did he just pick up a new copy? It looks pretty worn and well-loved.
- Alex looks absolutely gorgeous, as ever. I love the wardrobe choices he's been given this season. Now, I have a request: how 'bout some short sleeves? You can't tell me it's getting chilly in L.A. Even Mike is rolling up his sleeves. Let's get a peek at those wonderful arms, hmm?
- The sad part is, this is the most I've enjoyed Roland since he came on the show. All his scenes were great, and some of the high points of the episode. I'm not saying his betrayal is excusable, but in a way I kind of get it. He's just a bullied kid, he's under all the wrong influences, he's fallen into some bad ways, he's extremely fallible. In some ways it's a nice break from the suffocating, saintly virtues of people like Sara and Mike.
- What does Wyatt Mathewson do when nobody's watching? Er, he loads guns. How sordid.
- How does Roland know whose number that is? Was he eavesdropping on the conversation between Alex and Wyatt?
- Aw, I like chubby!Mike. He's so roly-poly, I want to poke him in the belly.
- Oh, good idea, let's put Sara in charge of the morphine. She wouldn't use, I'm sure, but it still presents a serious distraction when that's definitely the last thing they need in these circumstances.
- I like Michael's effectively reversed the employer-employee relationship that Self originally intended. Put Self in his place. Good show.
- Why do Mike & Linc always have conversations about nosebleeds in the middle of missions? Can you guys save these little heart-to-hearts for later, perchance?
- Self's fake laugh is the worst I've heard since "The One With Chandler's Work Laugh".
- "Suit yourself, Self." Omg lol, I <3 lame puns.
- Roland is so cute around Sara. You know he has such a grade-school crush on her.
- SWC's acting is getting on my nerves so much in this ep. There's minimalism and then there's monotony, bb. Her deer-in-headlights bit and one-note line delivery is getting so old. Braaaaiiinnnsss.
- Ahhhh Bellick&Sucre bonding. I'm going to *lose it* when he croaks.
- lol, Alex's sunglasses-removal porn. The writers know we love it.
- *tear* That "hey, buddy" moment could have been really cheesy, especially if he had continued to monologue to the beat-up picture. But I think they hit it just right. The fact that it was WF playing the scene helped a lot, of course.
- I like Mike's hat. Just putting that out there.
- I wanted to reach into the TV and give Bellick a hug when he was sitting in the back of the ambulance, all nervous about blood. He's clearly working the clairvoyance and can feel his demise looming. Poor guy.
- "Shut up and drive." Sucre's quoting Rihanna, lolz.
- Roland reminds me of Tweener so much. He's playing pretty much the same role with a couple of slight variations. That's not a bad thing, imo. I always had a soft spot for Tweener. The only time I ever hated Mahone was immediately after he killed Apolskis.
- I love Self's little speech. I know it was totally ineffective and a little pathetic, but that took balls so I'm choosing to find it endearing. Also, the completely bald "skank" and "hick" was hilarious.
- T-Bag's wink. Hah. That was cute. I also like the over-the-top acting for Gretchen's sake.
- When I lived at home, and my sister and I would do the dishes, my sister washing and me drying, whenever I would criticize her washing (i.e. little bits of food left on plates, etc.) she would say "If you don't like the way I wash dishes, you should do it yourself." Wyatt's petty response to the General's criticism gave me total dishwashing flashbacks.
- Oh, ew. Bullet removal. This is why I can't be a doctor.
- Second-favourite moment of the episode:
MIKE: He take his laptop too?
ALEX: Yeah.
MIKE: *nods* Alex?
That was awesome. They are so in sync.
- I like the frantic hand-washing. This show can be quite Shakespearean at times.
- So Sara just kind of left Sucre on his own at the warehouse? Um... okay, sure. All right. Not like his condition needs monitoring or anything.
- Aaauugh, Gretchen's war story is dull. JLOK, you know I love you, but you suck at expositing.
- OK I'll admit, Sara holding the knife to Gretchen's throat was awesome, and SWC's acting hit some good notes. Sara's high-and-mighty "I don't care that you tortured me, but I hate you for killing some random chick" was groan-inducing, though. Doesn't the air get a little thin up there on your high horse, Ms. Tancredi?
- I like when actors aren't afraid to act scared. Kudos, Liao.
- OMG AWESOME. CROWBAR! PUNCH TO THE FACE x9! (I counted, you know I did.) That was terrific. I cheered. You know what really made the scene for me? The dumbstruck look of Wyatt's face. *guffaws*
- I have one issue with the whole restraining-Alex part (which is getting to be one of Linc's duties on the team, lol): Alex just beat up WYATT (who is considerably bigger than Linc), and now Linc can initially restrain him with ONE HAND? It gets more believable as the scene goes on, but at first I could almost see WF being all "wtf man, I am not that old, put some effort into it". I think that scene could have been better if DP had put more energy into it and moved faster.
- I'm not sure I follow what Michael did to the laptop. Was there some tracking device in the cellphone that he transferred (for some reason) into the laptop? *is confused*
- *sobs* I'm not ready for Roland to go either. The writers have a knack for making characters exponentially more lovable in their final episodes. *shakes fist at them*
Aw. So long, douche. I suspect I'll forget you by the next episode, but you shall be briefly missed.

Does anyone have a good link to a promo (a promo, not a sneak peek) for 4.09? I just know that one's going to be fantastic, but nobody seems to be posting the weekly post-episode promo.
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