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PB Fic Prompts/Bunnies

I've decided that I'm not going to make that fic community. Eh, too much work. I can't really see myself contributing, anyway. But I do have a bunch of random prompts and plot bunnies lying around, in case anyone's interested. Just let me know if you end up using any.
Most of these are Alex/Pam. Some are blatantly fluffy. My apologies.

- Five scenes from Alex's earlier life that shaped who he is.
- Five things nobody at book club knows about Pam.
- Five things nobody at Internal Affairs HQ knows about Wheeler.
- Five things Kellerman wishes he could take back.
- Five memorable morning afters. Initially thought of this as a Pam fic, but another character will work just as well.
- Five deaths Alex never died.
- The five men Alex meets in hell.
- Five times Pam wanted to kill Alex, and once she almost did.
- Five dances Pam remembers.
- Five times Pam swore like a sailor.
- Pam contacts Peter Mahone for help locating Alex. Peter refuses. Between "Sona" and "Scylla".
- What Agent Mahone thinks of each of the Fox River Eight. Early to mid-season 2.
- Five times Pam's parents/friends gave her unsollicited opinions/advice about Alex.
- Pam is pregnant again. Bonus points if Alex isn't the father.
- Abruzzi's widow has Alex kidnapped.
- During the Oscar Shales manhunt, Pam forces Alex to stay home sick.
- Pam gets anonymous flowers and thinks they're from Alex -- but they're not. Between "Sona" and "Scylla".
- Pamela Oakes tries to get the attention of Alexander Mahone -- Pam's a freshman at college, Alex in his third or fourth year. They live down the hall from each other in the same residence.
- Pam witnesses Cameron doing something that reminds her of Alex -- one negative thing and then one positive thing.
- Alex/Pam songfic: "Bang Bang" by Nancy Sinatra.
- Nika Volek tries to get her foot back in the door by attempting to seduce Scofield's old enemy, Alexander Mahone. Bonus points for Pam's reaction.
- Faceless employees from the FR8 Manhunt HQ share their impressions of their boss. Bonus points for Pertz.
- Alex and Pam have lost track of one another. Years later, they run into each other at a favourite vacation spot.
- An eager journalist delves too deep into a story on Agent Alexander Mahone.
- Debra Jean Belle wants to know why David Apolskis had to die. Between "Dead Fall" and "Sona".
- Pam keeps mistaking people for her ex-husband. Between "Sona" and "Scylla". Bonus points if the people who trigger the double-takes are characters played by William Fichtner.
- Pam goes out on her first date since Alex, but can't concentrate. Between "Sona" and "Scylla". Bonus points if Alex isn't mentioned by name.
- Oscar Shales wasn't Alex's first murder. It's just the first one he can remember.
- During the Oscar Shales manhunt, Alex runs into Shales at a florist's.
- Alex snaps and murders Oscar Shales.
- Pam dies, and it's all Alex's fault. She blames him. Pam's POV.
- Pam sees the report on Shales' first post-escape rape/murder. She realizes guiltily that she holds her husband partially responsible.
- Pam and Felicia commiserate over some of Alex's more frustrating qualities.
- During one of Agent Mahone's temper explosions, Lang tunes him out and starts fantasizing about her boss. Early to mid-season 2. Lang/Angry!Alex OTP.
- Alex watches Pam dance.
- Pamela Oakes is dared by her friends to steal something out of Alexander Mahone's college dorm room.
- Debra Jean Belle stalks Agent Mahone.
- Alex catches Pam (or vice versa) cheating on a test in college.
- Pam's new boyfriend is curious about her spiritually ubiquitous ex. Between "Sona" and "Scylla".
- Why do Richard Sullins and Alexander Mahone hate each other so much?
- Wheeler finds himself sticking up for Alex. Post-2.20 Green Scene, back up at Manhunt HQ.
- Wheeler runs into Pam and ends up saying too much. Pre-"Sona".
- Injured, Alex stops by Wheeler's house to use some first aid supplies. Wheeler is not in the least cooperative.
- Alex wonders if he hired Lang for the right reasons. Up to you what the wrong reasons are.
- Pam sees a wanted poster for Michael Scofield for the first time after "Unearthed".
- Pam recognized Agent Wayne Merrick in "Unearthed", but let him in anyway.
- Sullins follows in Scofield's footsteps and tries to get the dirt on Alex out of Pam.
- Years later, Michael visits Alex and is quietly amused to see how domesticated the former FBI agent is now.
- In college, Pam tries to make Alex jealous, but he proves to be astonishingly oblivious.
- Pam and Sullins, either bonding like BFFs or arguing heatedly. Or both. But not at the same time.
- Alex/Pam, post-military service, pre-marriage -- Alex and Pam are living together. They're trying to be "just friends", but Alex keeps driving her dates away.
- Alex and Sara meet in passing, very briefly, at the hospital where Dr. Tancredi is working. Circa Sara's morphine addiction and the Oscar Shales manhunt. Bonus points if Alex calls HER out on addiction.
- Lang is in hardcore denial when it comes to her boss's apparent habit for killing escaped convicts.
- Alex really, really hopes he wasn't the one who killed Tyge.
- Five scars on Alex's body.
- What's Paul Kellerman been up to all this time? He's been on vacation! Bonus points if he uses Gay Lance.
- Gretchen Morgan has never met anyone quite so frustrating as this Mahone person. Between "The Art of the Deal" and "Scylla".
- Who knew Nika Volek would prove to be such a fun aunt? Also include Nika and Sofia as BFFs.
- Jane Phillips visits Alex while he's in the hospital with the GSW from Albuquerque. Bonus points for ~chemistry with Agent Blondie.
- The epic roadtrip of wholesome, family-friendly fun: James Whistler, Alexander Mahone and Gretchen Morgan.
- Pam's sister visits her at college and incites Pam's rage by hitting on Alex.
- Pamela Mahone can be a bad-ass motherfucker too.
- Alex/Pam started out as one unpleasant blind date.
- Pam gets out some of Alex's old clothes and tries to decide what he smells like. Later, when they are reunited, Pam tries to decide how his smell has changed.
- Alex/Lang: double-entendres in the workplace.
- Alex/Jane: because fuck yes, that would be hot.
- Pam watches FOX news when the tape put out by Burrows and Scofield is shown.
- Five times Alex was impatient for Pam, and one time Pam was impatient for Alex. Based off Pam's line from "Sona".
- Running from the Company, LJ is offered a ride in a pickup truck, not knowing the driver is Alex Mahone. Slight AU.
- Prompted by Mahone's warning, Adam Wheeler unravels Alex's involvement in the Company and sets out to make things right. Sullins quickly catches on.

The complete lack of Alex/Mike inspiration is indicative of how long ago I wrote these. Ah well.
I've finished my PB4.07 icons, but I'm also going to make some icons of the Invasion pilot, so that'll be a little longer. It's really almost a good thing there was no PB episode this week. *is struck down by a lightning bolt*
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