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4.07 "Five the Hard Way" + House + Invasion + etc.

Help me, please, for I cannot see the episode for the MiMa. *stumbles around like a blind person, groping the air and bumping into things*
I struggled with this episode. Maybe I need to start just relaxing while I watch these? Because it was literally just every scene, Do I like this? Are these people being cool? Does he get brownie points for that? Am I going to icon this bit?
... yeah, I srsly need to relax. That's for PB is FOR.

- Eeugh Gretch, stop. This arm-cutting thing is gross.
- Oh, hoodie. It's so... so... it's awesome. I love it. I've been waiting for this since that vid from behind-the-scenes of the S4 photoshoot.
- lol @ Sucre beating on Roland for Linc. They're like a little tag-team or something.
- Um, Mike and Alex are finishing each other's sentences. True story.
- I didn't know what to expect from that whole scene with Alex and "Donald" (lol). When Self asked to talk outside with him, he sounded like the teacher pulling a mouthy student out of class for a chat about his attitude problem. I actually thought that's what Self was gonna do.
- I kind of loved Roland's "shotgun" line. Also, the "VEGAS, BITCHES!" later. He may be beyond irritating but... it's an intentional irritating. If it had been unintentional I would hate him a lot more for it.
- Yeah, I was really lost for a moment in that great scene with Alex and Self. So he's... pulled him outside... to complain? To Alex? Who kind of hates him a little bit? Uh... okay, why? (P.S. Bill looks unbelievably gorgeous in this scene. Love his endearingly receding hairline, too, and I don't care who thinks that's weird.)
- Loved Alex scaring the shit out of Self.
ALEX: But a structural engineer from Illinois was able to get to me, you wanna know how?
... everyone said that. I'm still struggling with my stance on MiMa but I said it anyway. B/c that's basically what that line is asking for.
- "Make it look like an accident." Yeeaaaahh, Wyatt's not very good at that. You wanted quality work like that, you shouldn't have had Kellerman killed.
- Wyatt's comment about his fees reminded me hilariously of Lucas from House. More on that later.
- I loved when Alex said "I'll stay," and he looks at Mike and there's this tiny little nod of understanding... my awareness of these kind of moments was really, really high tonight. And then Mike stays too! He was probably already planning to, but in my head, Alex volunteering clinched it.
- I literally Laughed Out Loud at the Carrot-Top comment. It was hilarious, I loved it. If MiSa's gotta hang around, be short and sweet and funny and not gooey and moody and emo, plzkthnx.
- Mike & Alex chillaxin' in the car -- I must be really easy to please because I loved that. WF looks sooper sexy right about now. If only they didn't keep playing credits over his face. I've always harboured a paranoid theory that they play credits over his scenes on purpose.
- YAY! I clapped my hands and giggled in glee when Alex jumped over the railing and ran away. I could see it coming (Alex looked like a startled animal ready to bolt), but that didn't make it any less awesome. You have no idea how much I wanted Alex to put one over on T-Bag. I'm still smarting a little from back in s3 when T-Bag beat on Alex during his hardcore withdrawal phase. That wasn't cool. Also, love Michael smiling in the back of the van when Alex escaped. BFFs, bbs. You can't deny it anymore.
- I'm kind of really tired of T-Bag. RK's portrayal was fun for a while, but... it's stale now. It's so old. There have been few things in this entire season that made me want PB to die more than some of the T-Bag scenes in this ep. I could tell Mike was bored too.
- I want to let you know that when Mike was tied up he had some hilarious man-boobs. In spite of this, I kind of liked his look in this ep... I didn't find him attractive (uh... hah, no thnx), I just thought he looked... I dunno. Comfortable. He did, he looked comfortable. Even when he had rope cinching up his disturbing man-boobs.
- Wyatt vs. Self is, again, a difficult place for me to be in. I think because his plotline was considerably minimized, it was easier to take Wyatt's scenes in tiny bite-size portions. He was okay as long as he didn't try acting or anything, that would not bode well. Self, I just couldn't stand seeing on the screen. I actually pity MR for having to be in scenes with Fichtner (well, I envy him first, of course), that he looks exponentially worse in the comparison.
- wtf w/ the security guards, they don't even see Roland's face in that clip they rewind. That was dumb.
- "HOW - FAR - GONE - IS - MICHAEL - SCOFIELD?" Omg, dumb scene. The actress playing Trishanne is just awful, please make her stop trying to act.
- That's a really fugly dress, Sara bb. Just so's you know. Also, why are you wearing backless dresses when you have torture scars?
- Why are they having this depressing and pivotal conversation in a Vegas casino? Whose idea was this?
- Okay, here's what I don't understand: TPTB have actually said that Mike doesn't have cancer. But in the latest script slips, he has a malignant tumour in his brain. So, um, did they just lie? Because, well, I'll all for them being twisty and tricksy with the clues and whatnot, but lying is just... hah, I was going to say it's dishonest. Lol, lying is dishonest. Good job, Erin, you get a cookie.
- I love the music they play whenever Alex is on-screen. It sounds familiar, but I don't know the soundtrack well enough to know what it should bring to mind.
- The gun moves are, as ever, brilliant. It's really the bureau's loss (and my gain) that Fichtner chose acting over his ambitions to work in law enforcement. This scene reminded me a lot of both the power plant scene in 'Rendezvous' and the scene in the hotel from 'Sweet Caroline'.
- I know everyone and their grandmother has already done this, but OMG CRAAANNNEE *FLAILS*. Their mindmate love is so troo.
- I know someone's already pointed this out, but paper crane = familial obligation, previously exclusively used as a symbol of Michael's undying loyalty to his brother. That's all I have to say about this. *snuggles Mike&Alex*
- Is 'El Camino' Apartments a throwback to the 'Fin del Camino' hotel? Or is that just a commonly used English-Spanish crossover phrase?
- There is not nearly enough Alex in this episode.
- All T-Bag hate aside, I love Gretchen/T-Bag. Can Gretchen just be in all T-Bag's scenes, and vice versa? They complete each other.
- Okay, I kind of love the General in that scene with Self. It's possible that I just love everyone when they make fun of Self. But the General is particularly good at it. He may be growing on me just a little, tiny bit. Though he lost a few points for trying to get Self on board. Pad Man, bb, he's a screw-up. He'd probably do a better job of accidentally taking down TC from the inside playing it straight than the work he's done up to this point.
- Oh, that face when Gretch is killing Andrew. She and T-Bag might as well have been fornicating like bunnies right then and there from that exchanged stare.
- See, this is what happens when Gretchen isn't here. T-Bag is pathetic again. It's really sad how he's bragging about his new upscale job to Michael. Mike doesn't care, Teddy. If he did, he wouldn't have given up his old job to go rob a bank.
- I enjoyed SWC's performance in that scene with The Creepiest Man Alive. As ever, it took a couple of lines to adjust to it. But (again) I warmed up to it. Loved the line "What if I said please?". That aside, it's kind of sad that all she gets to do is try (and fail) to seduce men.
- This plotline with Sucre and The Creepiest Man Alive (TCMA) is simultaneously one of the most hilarious and cringe-inducing things I've ever seen from this show. You can tell Liao, Nolasco and Purcell had a lot of fun with it.
- Lol, work it, Fernando. Here's hoping Amaury doesn't mind being so objectified by this series.
- OH THAR HE IS. I don't know how Alex found them (all he had to go on was "Gate"), but I don't give a shit, that was amazing. Such a great moment. I've wanted someone to hit T-Bag all episode, and Alex hitting T-Bag is just better x100. Hey, is that still Pam's gun? *loves Pam's taste in guns*
- "I got your message." <<<333 I love that line more than I could ever express. I don't know if it's on par with "Looks like you need to work on your clearance level, Dick," but it's up there. Also, "Thanks, Alex." More <<<333's are needed for that.
- I was as far from the screen as my earbuds would allow during that whole scene in TCMA's room, and covering my mouth to keep from laughing my head off. Poor Sucre. *hugs him*
SUCRE: Serve who?
SUCRE: You want me to... bang your wife?
He was unexpectedly really awesome today. ILU, sugar. Even if you actually did bang the wife.
- Linc sounded like he had a lisp both times he said "months". Linc's fading into the background a lot lately.
- Self hate aside, I love the look on his face as he listens at the closet door while T-Bag is screaming and carrying on. A great WTF face. Perhaps WTF faces are one of MR's only fortes.
- I think Alex lurks in MiMa fandom LJ entries. IRS agents? Best Plan Ever. I don't care what the situation is (wouldn't they be recognized pretty much immediately?), I want to see Alex & Mike focusing their amazing powers of bitch and snark on some poor unsuspecting Company middlemen.

K, besides all the love for Alex & Mike being BFFs, that ep was pretty awful. I can't imagine what a piece of shit this show would be without WF and his character.

I wanted to talk about House a little bit. I wanted to say that I am DEFINITELY going to watch that spin-off with the P.I. if it ends up happening, because I love Lucas to bits. Weston is so much fun to watch. I loved him so much more than pretty much everyone else in 5.02 and 5.03. Another surprising stand-out? Taub. There was this one point, I'm not sure how to explain it, just after he said "We don't do storybook," and it wasn't even that line, just the moment, and I was suddenly just like "I love Taub." The actress playing his wife isn't fantastic, but it could be interesting to see how things fall out now that he's (presumably) told her about his affair. I'd much rather see stuff about him than the never-ending Dr. Hadley drama. I wish the writers would realize that nobody cares.
I never thought I'd say this, but Hugh Laurie is really annoying me. I look forward to those scenes that pertain to Wilson Angst, but his repetitive schtick that he does week in and week out is getting really old. Much like Knepper in PB, I suppose. And although I said I looked forward to the scenes pertaining to Wilson, Wilson is also irritating me with his mopeyness. Srsly, Wilson? CAMERON? You're hanging out with CAMERON? Oh, just kill me now. So I ended up loving the hell out of that scene where House timidly asks Lucas if there's anything he could do to win Wilson back. It's a Wilson scene without Wilson. That's what it's come to. I was thinking, though, in that scene, that they might as well just make House gay. I don't even ship House/Wilson (it kind of squicks me out... maybe because I don't find either of them attractive in a sex-appeal kind of way), but it's just really obvious. Oh, I'm still rooting for House/Cuddy. But, honestly? Lucas/Cuddy would be equally as cool. I ship Lucas/Everybody.
I've got high hopes for that episode where Daddy House dies -- is that this week? If so, awesome. I'm sad that he's dead (I dunno why... I was just always hoping for another episode where the House parents come to visit PPTH... I'm not actually rooting for Abusive Daddy House) but this should make for some quality angst. Does Wilson know that House was abused? I'm not sure.
At this point, I really can't fathom what would make Wilson come back. He seems like he's at the point where he knows that he can't afford to treat House like person with thoughts and feelings. And I understand, I know that he shouldn't make himself stay in a mutually destructive friendship.

I'm still on an Invasion kick. I love that ridiculous show so much. Tom and Mariel are the best half-aliens ever, I swear. Mariel is such a strong character, which is great to see, and really there is no one better for Tom in the world (and vice versa). My favourite random Tom/Mariel moments are when Tom grabs the gun from Christina, and then Christina whines about betrayal and Mariel tells her to shut up in a way that reminded me a bit of that scene from PB's "The Killing Box", when Alex has the brothers at gunpoint. Also, I love that scene in "The Hunt" when Tom wakes up to the sounds of Mariel scrubbing the floors in the secret closet in the wee hours of the morning, and and and, then Russell comes to the door and they answer it in their PJs and I want banners of that moment right there, don't ask me why. I <3 them.

I have my first two mid-terms tomorrow. I went to the library today and hunkered down to the Biophysics and fully learned more in those three hours than I'd learned in the first month of classes. Physics is actually really interesting. I just wish I didn't have to be taught it by someone I can barely understand. I also had my first Physics lab today, and I have such a huge crush on my lab partner, it's ridiculous. I'm kind of sad there's only four labs this term. I'm going to start petitioning to get more Physics labs.

That was a long entry. BFN.
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