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BFFs OMG!!1!

Hey! Time for a word in because I don't have that much homework. Well, I still have those five books to read. Don't worry, I'm on it. Eventually.
So next Friday I'm going to the Ontario-wide University Fair, which will be fun because I love thinking about university. Plus, I'll get to sell the idea of Waterloo to Moss further. It was kind of cute, today, when I told her that I was going and she was all, can you switch buses? So we can sit together? She's so awesome.
You know how, when some people watch TV shows or read book series, they start to 'ship' -- that is, support relationships -- certain couples? Well, I do that... except with best friends. I just love it when people are best friends. lol, BFFs OMG!!1! Good example: House and Wilson. They're so cute as best friends.
That's a segue, see, into the fact that I want Michael and Mahone to be best friends now. I mean, srsly, they're already mindmates (*wiggles fingers mysteriously*), and it was kinda sweet (in an odd, violent way) the way Mahone gave advice to Michael on how to kill a guy; then, he proceeded to save Michael's ass by killing the guy anyway. It was incredible. My dad was like, "Man, he knows how to kill a guy!" That he does. Is it wrong that I think it's kinda hot? Not even kinda. It's hot.
From that, you may guess who's my new TV boyfriend: William Fichtner, who can be seen every Monday on Fox at 8 pm as Alexander Mahone on Prison Break. Damn, my TV boyfriends just keep getting older, don't they? Eh, oh well.
I kind of hate T-bag now, because he is presenting some healthy competition to Dr. Robert Chase as the most annoying suck-up ever.
Also -- I've made my peace with Sara dying, because I have been forewarned (Oh, er... spoilers? Oh well. Nobody reads this anyway.) but if the PB writers kill LJ, they will have made a life-long enemy of me. LJ's my fave character after Mahone (who is then followed by Michael, if you're interested), with his wisecracks and good sense for survival. I mean, he's the only TV boyfriend I have who's actually in my age group. Don't take that away from me, y'all.
Hey, you know, Michael wasn't that bad in that fight scene with that built guy. In fact, had he not so many moral problems with killing someone (even, apparently, when said person is trying to kill him), Michael would have won fair n' square. He's got nothing on Mahone (SnapCrackleDEAD!) but he got in some fair punches. He's improved since that time he punched that guy in the store in Tooele, back in season 2. He's even improved since that scene where he took on superhuman T-bag (srsly, how did this guy overpower and kill so many people with just one hand and his freakish skinny frame?). I watched that one on the weekend. That scene -- I dunno, I know T-bag has not exactly been subtle about what he intends with regards to 'Pretty', but it was still chilling when he announced that he was going to rape and kill Michael within the next few minutes. Ew.
The scenes with Bellick in 'Orientacion' made me uncomfortable. It was weird to see him all choked up over that dead guy he'd just met, let alone seeing him stumbling all over the place in tighty-whities and a clear plastic poncho.
I can't bring myself to be interested in what's going on outside the prison, I really can't. Lincoln's really boring now that he's a free man, and I hated that woman with the scratches on her face from first sight.
I feel like watching 'Swing Kids'. It's this movie, see, that we had to watch for grade 10 Histoire (the course was in french -- I'm in French Immersion) and everyone pretty much hated it because we were forced to watch it for school and do an assignment on it, and you can't like something that's forced on you at school. But I actually liked it, especially for the swing dancing and the interesting story that it told about the Hitler youth. While we were watching, everyone thought that this one guy was Ryan Gosling, who is cool enough, but I eventually found out that it was Christian effing Bale. And I cursed my shortsightedness, for I would have enjoyed that movie on first viewing so much more if I had known that that guy was Christian Bale all along. Now, I discover that the lead was played by none other than a much younger Robert Sean Leonard, best known for his protrayal of Dr. James Wilson on "House, M.D." And I suddenly have a great yearning to watch Dr. Wilson and Batman swing dance and betray each other in assorted ways in Nazi Germany.
Back to PB: My guess is that they'll run over the week alloted in the hostage ultimatum, and Sara will be killed, and Lincoln will realize they mean business and they'll continue trying to break out, from both sides this time, in order to save LJ. Which they will, because otherwise I will find out where the PB writers live and kill a select few of them in their sleep. Not all of them, because then we wouldn't have a show with Mahone in it. Just a couple to send a message.
Moss thinks it's kinda of creepy the way I take a liking to so many "evil" characters -- murderers, junkies, you know... even T-bag used to be one of my favourites, because Robert Knepper is just plain brilliant at acting. He's very intelligent, too. However, I obviously know it is fiction, and am simply aligning myself with whomever I think is the coolest. And right now, that title undeniably belongs to Alex Mahone.
It's a P.A. Day on Friday! Yippee! You know what it is also: Avatar Season III Premiere Day!
And my sister's birthday is tomorrow! Almost forgot. I should get her something, but I'm totally broke, so I've offered to download some songs for her. She's kind of computer illiterate, see, or at least she doesn't spend much time on the computer. Seeing as she doesn't have a computer, like I do, that's not all that surprising. But there you go, that's my gift. I know it sucks, you don't have to tell me. I most selfishly spent my last money from my personal savings account on the Prison Break Season II DVDs. *is ashamed*
Totally worth it, though, you know. There's this one great extra that is a club remix of the PB theme. It's a long song, over 7 minutes, played over clips from season I and shots of young adults rocking out. To remixed theme music. Whatever you wanna do with your night out, man, I'm not judging. Especially because I now have that remix on my iPod.
One of the songs my sister requested was Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston. Now, that song is freaking annoying. But when I get home, I've been listening to it on my iPod and it's stuck in my head and I'm making an utter fool of myself in every available reflective surface by pouting, dancing, and mouthing the words when I hear "I can see you... that was hilarious." My dad, ladies and gentlemen. And while that does not sound that bad, you were not there. You were not watching. This is something I am glad of, for I was acting for all the world as everybody secretly does when they think nobody's watching: like they're hot shit, and they know it. Ugh. I'm getting out this tale as fast as I can before my brain represses the memory.Eh... that's all. Peace.
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