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*kicks things*

Son of a bitch. This is just not my day.
This day was going to awesome. Well, awesome by an average sort of standard. Thursdays, I have a Biology lecture at 10:30, and there's also a Chemistry tutorial at 2:30 but it's optional and I rock the chemistry hard so I don't go. I was going to waste all day building my fic community and making icons and banners and shit from PB 4.05, because Alex/Pam diner scenes ftw. (Side note: to me, 'ftw' doesn't sound like "for the win" in my head -- it sounds more like "fuck the whut". Trufax.)
Biology was good, as Biology generally is... but then I get home (back to Saugeen, I mean). And my computer. It's dead.
It's like... okay, at first I thought it just refused to turn on, but then I could see that the light was just very, very dark (like you might get if the laptop was hardcore saving energy). I would turn it on, strain my eyes and read the words "Preparing to stand by..." and then it would go into hibernate. Rather, rinse, repeat as needed. At one point, I got it turned on (and I brightened the screen by holding the power cord into the computer in a crazy vice grip -- which makes me think it probably has something to do with that connection there), and I started watching 'Bones' (Yes Moss, I did see Zack... was that what all the fuss was about? Jesus, you had me thinking there was gonna be some B&B making out or something). I got like three minutes in before it went into stand by again, and when I turned it on, the dark n' ominous screen kind of screamed and sputtered the Bones theme at me until I shut it down again in fear.
So I call the campus computer centre, but they can't look at it until next week. I'd like to see someone try to last anything close to a week in university without a laptop. There's no wiggle room. It can't be done. Next! I call up "Those Friggin Computers" (cute name). Nice guy on the other end, doesn't sound like he's ever had that problem before, but he's got more chance than I do of fixing it and hey! They're only (purportedly) 10 minutes away.
Went to my chemistry tutorial, found out it was optional, said "fuck this" and left.
I am kind of a public transit virgin (I've only ever been on a public bus twice before today) so I peer-pressured my roommate into helping me get there in one piece. She doesn't have the best track record, bus-wise, but she's a hell of a lot better than me. But of course, 'round about 3pm, we get on the Wellington Northbound instead of Southbound and we go on a nice little roundabout that brings us back to UWO, where Shannon gets off 'cause she's a quitter. The Northbound done with, I figured everything out and everything was cool, but I still didn't get there until ~ 5pm. So they're gonna call me tomorrow. Yeah, tomorrow. Did I mention I've got an online quiz that has to be completed by tomorrow at noon? Did I also mention that I'm stuck in a solid block of classes from 8:30 to 2:30 tomorrow? Finally, did I mention all my passwords and pins for gaining access to the online quizzes are on my laptop? And by the time I got back from "Those Friggin Computers" (hee), the financial services building was closed. No passwords... no pins... no online quizzes. Hey, there goes 1% of my final grade. I know that doesn't sound like much, but 5% more and my future in a Pathology major is seriously threatened.
I'm not even that bothered by that. I just hate the boredom that accompanies lack of access to my laptop. I really shouldn't be so dependent on it, but hey, what're you gonna do. I was so psyched about my icons, which are turning out really awesome (I have some icon skillz! Who knew?), but at this rate they won't be out before the next episode, and that is just not done.
And I can't relax to my tunes, because the little rubber things on my earbuds popped off yesterday in the general vicinity of the university community centre.
I know I know, I sound like something out of 'The Princess & the Pea', but girl can bitch if she feels like it. That's what journals are for.

Tags: bitching, bones, computer trouble, icons, university
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