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4.05 "Safe & Sound"

Ah. Yes. Well that was, ah... that was very good. Damn you, Prison Break. I wish I could quit you. (Yeah, I know, I should be shot for that tired old BBM quotage.)

Not so good that I'm not taking this point-by-point, though. Funny how this season is fluctuating between mediocre and great from episode to episode.
- LMAO. Oh Wyatt, you hiding behind the car. Nice hide-and-seek skillz, man.
- Please tell me Wyatt doesn't get the Bellerman for this entire season. Or, I mean, as long as he's in this season. That's not cool.
- Hey, Mikey's wearing a different style of shirt! And if there were any ideas that his new-found fugliness could be blamed on his wardrobe... well, that theory only goes so far. It's a bit of an improvement, I must admit.
- I have no idea how Self ID'd that guy just based on a fuzzy photo. Normally that would be cool, but it's Self, so it's just highly implausible. And retarded.

Thoughts on Alex/Pam scene:
- OH MY GOD. IT'S PAM. AND ALEX. IN THE SAME FUCKING ROOM. TOGETHER. You have no idea how long I've waited for this. Be back later, screaming in glee into my pillow.
- At first there was this sense of creeping dread in my stomach... the fact that they were very restrained when she first arrived, the way Alex was... basically strangling himself to keep his emotion under wraps, to keep it all business, her line "I'm sorry, but you said that you had some pictures to show me." I didn't like the coolness. It reminded me too much of 'Rendezvous' Sara, and... well, obviously, that is not good.
- Pam's reaction to Wyatt's photo was very nice, very compulsive, you know? You could believe that it wasn't planned at all by Callie, that she just spontaneously instilled herself with whatever emotions she thought her character must be feeling, and that's what came out.
- Oh thank god, she doesn't blame him. I was physically queasy with the idea that she would.
- At first, when she got up, I thought she was leaving (NOOOO!!!) so I latched onto her leg and wailed at her to make her stay. The rest of this scene? All thanks to me. Yeah. You're quite welcome.
- I love how well she understands him. I've definitely underestimated Pam, she actually knows him, knows him well.
- They're so wonderful and beautiful together when she's sitting next to him, holding his shoulders. I need icons, wallpapers, banners ASAP. When this scene was over, I was really impatient for the episode to be over so I could be all over that. I need a new LJ header.
- Hey look, Pam's a bad-ass motherfucker too. She, uh... well, she really just bought him a gun. Apparently it doesn't take much for Pam to be a BAMF in my eyes. I've always suspected it, really.
- Oh. Oh, god, that was perfect. The... the hands. You know, the hands. With the... *sigh*. Clearly, I must have done something very, very good in a past life to deserve this. And to think I almost bailed on this ship.
- Oh my GOD. That was so perfect and magical and and and and... I've got to go back and watch that at least six more times.

Well, after that, everything else may seem a tad anti-climactic.
- Wyatt's SO DUMB. He let himself be seen, then he didn't even TRY to lull her back into a sense of security so he could tail her back to the brothers. I bet he would have just shot her if he was at all able to aim. Just shot her, paying no mind to the idea that she's worth more to him alive than dead. As a great man once said "Dead [women] can't tell us where their friends are." ... I mean, not that I'd be OK w/ another woman-torturing scene ('cause I'm not), but from a strictly tactical standpoint, that's what he should do.
- "with Jodi Lyn O'Keefe / with Sarah Wayne Callies / and William Fichtner"? That's really awkward. I guess I can see why JLOK and SWC would want to fight it out for that final name spot on the opening credits. Sorry ladies, The Goddamn Fichtner's not giving up the coveted last billing.
- That drip of tea on T-Bag's desk is going to bug me forever. I srsly did not hear a word both men said in this scene. Just, please, someone clean up the spill. It is going to warp the wood. AAUGH, here comes another one. Just -- hold on, Theodore, can you just shuddup for a sec? There is a drop of tea sliiiiiding down your cup, and if you don't catch it, I may just seize your head and throw it through that glass wall over there.
- "Ouch?" = weird-ass delivery by RK right there.
- "MIKE: Hey! ALEX: Hey!" Um... okay, sure, let's be BFFs now. Maybe Mike's plan to get out of actually talk to Alex about Cameron is to just not be so dickish to Alex anymore? I guess that works for me. It's in-character, I suppose.
- Lol, it's hilarious that Self actually used that spur-of-the-moment Al Queda story Mike made up. I thought that was like a joke or an exaggeration on Mike's part. I didn't expect Self to actually use it.
- Self is so useless. It's impossible! You'll never do it in time! It can't be done! How are you ever going to manage that? What are you doing? What does this button do? What does that mean? He's like a dumbed-down version of S1 Sucre, if that's even possible.
- Augh, my download cut off the beginning of the first scene b/w Alex and Sara. Does it start with "Where were you [...]"?
- Lol, Sara, you're so full of it. "Is that a bar?" "Do you have a PROBLEM with that?" Sara, honey, I know you're used to everyone and their grandmother giving a shit about your ex-junkie wangst, but Alex really, really doesn't. That said, I did enjoy... well, the scene wasn't great, but I enjoyed the *idea* of them having scenes together.
- I'm getting really, really tired of these torture scenes. Srsly, Wyatt has pretty much done nothing BUT torture scenes. For the sake of this breakdown, I'm fast-forwarding through this.
- Yay, specs for Alex! Sex. I like that there are two roughly evenly-divided missions in this episode, the card and Wyatt.
- Hey, isn't that the Mahone theme from season 2? Awesome! This whole scene with the map and the magic marker and the music is all very season 2. I highly approve.
- Sucre and Bellick actually used T-Bag's wanted poster picture and Trishanne didn't recognize him? I'm usually OK with the whole nobody-ever-recognizing-famous-convicts bit, but that is ridiculous. Or maybe she does recognize him and is holding that card for later? Who knows. Trishanne *is* supposed to be a key character, I've heard.
- Lol @ Mike starting his chemical blender thinger while Self's on the phone. That was a gem of a moment. Also, the look of Mike's face when he starts the blender again is really weird, like it's turning him on or something.
- Re:Linc in a suit. Um. That's hot.
- I thought Trishanne wasn't allowed to leave her desk? And if she could just put her breasts away, that would be great.
- This episode is an excellent blend of season 1 (getting the card) and season 2 (finding Wyatt). Not a hint of S3 in there at all. Kudos, TPTB.
- Ew, Mike, don't drip your nose-blood on people. That's nasty.
- I don't understand Roland's speech at all. I couldn't tell whether he was arguing for nature or nurture or both or neither and... what the FUCK, are you asking Alex not to blame Wyatt for murdering Cameron? Do you WANT to stop breathing? (Thnx, Linc.) Do you think Roland already knows Wyatt or something? I am very, very confused.
- Guys, you're on a deadline. Maybe chats about nosebleeds can be saved for later. Or whatever, keep wasting time, that's cool.
- Um... Mike, you just got back from PANAMA. You are definitely NOT "acclimating to the warmer climate".
- Omg, a scene with Alex and Georgie The Bartender. Awesome.
- GUH. When Alex took off his sunglasses in the SUV... it was like S2 flashbacks, except so, so much better.
- There's too much awesome in this ep's Alex scenes to even comprehend, let alone begin to explain. The gun cocking, the snatched note, the slow exhale of boiling fury... it is all so very, very good.
- I think TC would find it very difficult to make me be less interested and/or intrigued by this whole Laos thing. I actually thought they were way more fun when it was a a sparsely-defined team of evil dudes who just liked to kill good guys 'cause that's what evil dudes do. Laos has completely failed to pique my interest.
- The dialogue b/w the General and Griffin right before Griffin opens the safe is so painful and contrived I literally lol'd.
- LMAO, MiSa talking about economy and finance and sexy stuff like that. That's supposed to be our key romantic relationship right there, folks.
- Hey, look, the scene with Xing's friend gets fast-forwarded too. Aw, BFN. Aaaaand the rest of the episode is boring.

I got my copy of 'Prison Break: The Classic FBI Files' today in the mail. I'm just going to use it to spruce up my list of plot bunnies, figure out a good comm name, and then start up that fic community as soon as I can. I'm sure when it's up I'll have more motivation to fill it with fic goodness.

ETA w/ SPOILERS for next ep (not under a cut b/c I'm lazy): Arrested? SERIOUSLY? AAGH *kicks something*. That is so not on. I do not support that. That is not for the good of Erin-kind. Also? Shut the fuck up, Self, if you want to talk about liabilities let's talk about the fact that you're randomly running into assassins and generally screwing stuff up left and right. Alex got arrested b/c the only guys Sara is capable of seducing are sexually starved inmates.
ETA2: Does anyone know (or is anyone themselves) a good fanvid-maker who does requests? Because I am craving a crack-tastic Tom Underlay video to Britney's "Radar" like woah. Or! Or! "Mr. Vain". That would also be awesome.

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