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Night & Day

I have that song by Cole Porter, "Night and Day", stuck in my head. I'm also grinning like an idiot, and not even unintelligible Biophysics lectures can bring me down right now.
Oh, my God. SO EXCITED. What's that you say? It still may not get picked up?
I actually physically did an arm-pump of victory and hissed "yessss" in the middle of this damn lecture. I feel like saying WHAT NOW HATERS except I don't think, at this point, that it actually has any haters. I guess I just like to say that.
There are no words for how excited I am about this. I was getting to the point where a little voice in the back of my head, getting progressively louder and louder, was wondering just what, exactly, lies beyond the end of Alexander Mahone's story. I mean, for me. Because I love that fictional man so, so much. But now? I almost can't wait for PB to end. Now I know for defs that I will not be watching if, by some trick of Satan, PB gets a fifth season. I don't really care if it does. Alex won't be there. Hot damn, I won't have to care anymore.
He's playing another law-enforcement agent... but do you know what? I don't give a damn. Fuck typecasting, if he's happy with his roles, so am I. Lord knows he's pretty damn awesome at playing the law.
The greatest thing about this is that "Night & Day" is about his character. All the other shows he's been in have been ensemble shows -- MDs, Invasion, Prison Break. But this one... it says it's "a fast-paced, gritty drama about the life of Dan Hollister (Fichtner) [...]" (bold mine). ABOUT. I... keep saying "about". It's clearly important.
Emmy time, yes? Please? It's criminal that he hasn't got one yet.
I've heard that people expect it to be somewhat similar to "24"... because of the coinciding co-creators, I suppose, and the fact that the main character is a law-enforcement agent. Can't honestly say I'm a fan of "24" -- I watched it once and found it to be really boring and way too serious. My dad and I were poking fun at how very side-splitting and hilarious it was. Seriously, do they EVER crack a smile on that show? So I'm hoping "Night & Day" will be better and fresher and awesomer.
I've been very much against the idea of Prison Break returning for a new season for a while now. Well, no, scratch that, I've been against the idea of Alex coming back for another season, while simultaneously being against the idea of him dying a horrible death. Which, in terms of Prison Break's not-so-prolific record of happy endings, works out to the same thing. But this feels really, really good. I'm ready for Fichtner (and me) to move on.
I've never watched a show on TNT before, and I was a little worried about the accessibility, but now I've been to their website and they host a handful of great, highly-reputable, reasonably well-known shows, like "The Closer" and "Saving Grace". I wonder when this will premiere. At first I was thinking that it would just debut ~ next September, but I poked around TNT's website and their premiere dates are really wonky. December, January, March... it's all over the place. So I have no idea.
I almost kind of want to resubscribe to EW just because the hope of getting new William Fichtner pictures has gone up due to this news. I need more decoration in my dingy dorm room (alliteration!).
Also -- is it wrong that I kind of want to go buy some Hollister clothes now?
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