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More on 4.04

Funny how such a sub-par episode is getting two entries from me. It's just, I was over at the TWoP forums' discussion for this episode, and they had some interesting things to say that I wanted to pass on...

Dammit, I can't figure out how to quote something. They should have quote blocks on LJ. Or if they already do, they should shout at me so I know where they are.
Anywho, there were a number of points of interest that the clever individuals over at TWoP pointed out.

mandigirl: Nitpick of the night-- When each of them had a flashback to someone who died for the cause, I was surprised Linc's mind went to his father-- who he hated-- as opposed to Veronica??

A good point. The whole love/hate thing with their father has already been discussed, and I'm okay with them holding a grudge against Alex for it, but that was a really weird choice on the writers' (or whoever was responsible for it) part to have them remember their father with Alex standing RIGHT THERE. Man, awkward.

It was also brought up that perhaps Michael was being a dick for not saying anything to Alex about Cameron. (Hey, it wasn't me, I swear. I was absolutely thrilled at the degree of support Alex/William Fichtner gets over at TWoP. Some classy people over there.) According to Lillyland, "Michael reacted with all the emotion of a guy who was just told that someone accidentally ran over Mahone's cat and it was doubtful the little guy was gonna make it." Even Michael fans agreed, saying it was out of character for someone who was supposed to be all, y'know, "in tune with the suffering of others". (Yeah, MY ASS.) But I think "tpel" got it right:

Actually, I think this is absolutely in character for Michael. We were told by that psychiatrist in season 1 that he is super empathetic, but I think Mahone nailed Michael's attitude more precisely: if Michael cares about you, then he'll do anything for you, but if not . . . then not. Michael is very attuned to the suffering of his friends and family, and of true innocents like McGrady. But Michael has shown a consistent lack of sympathy for Mahone. Remember his string-Mahone-along-until-he-self-destructs plan?

That's a clear personality difference between Linc and Michael: Linc runs hot or cold -- there's no in between -- whereas Michael can be more neutral toward a person. Linc hated Mahone to the point that he would have killed him, and now he sympathizes with him and wants to help him. Michael never really wanted to kill Mahone, but he was fine with letting him die horribly. Now, I do think Michael has warmed up a bit toward Alex recently. But the change is more subtle than Linc's dramatic change of heart. So, I think it is OK that it takes him a little longer to express his condolences. And, of course, Cameron himself qualifies as a true innocent. Thus, I'm sure Michael feels bad about the little boy's death. The transition is with regard to feeling bad
for Alex about Cameron's death.

... which essentially boils down to, if you're not Mike's total BFF/family member/father figure/GF/sad three-legged puppy, he's gonna be a dick to you, and there's no reason for the audience to expect more than that. Also, I think it's hilarious that Alex knows Mike better than Mike's shrink does.

Also, "friedangle" addressed the jarring MiSa light-hearted moments:

Throughout seasons 1 to 3 Michael and Sara always sounded like Michael and Sara, even in their most light-hearted moments. Now there’s a jarring transition between angst-ridden Michael and Sara and playful Wentworth and Sarah – I don’t know if it’s the writing or the acting but it takes me out of the story every single time.

Yes. THIS. Perfect, couldn't have said it better.
... then there was an amusing part where someone (in all seriousness) said "Mahone would lick your hand to get Cameron to safety," and pretty much all serious conversation stopped while everyone indulged in that little fantasy. It was hilarious. I am such a creepy lurker.

Also, I wanted to link this new promo:
... which is epic and awesome. Some fantastic Alex bits in there. It has quite a few blatant spoilers in it. It's not a normal promo. It plays like the previouslies to episode 4.06, which I actually think it might be. I do enjoy how quickly the Mahone plot-line is moving. I was worried they'd stretch it out too much. Good to see him get angry. For some reason, I love the sound of the gun cocking when Alex pulls the gun on that random guy. It doesn't really look like Mike's going to be talking to Alex about Cam anytime soon. He totally diffused Alex's emotional moment. "Yeah, whatever, son dead. An assassin is (still) trying to kill us! Oh noes!"
... Yeah, I don't care if it's in character. Mike's a dick.
Love Gretch ripping off the mouth-tape like a bad-ass motherfucker. That torture stuff was old before it even started. Hate Sara's gratuitous escalator shot. Srsly, what is with PB women and their cleavage these days? It's like they're tortured as often as possible and objectified the rest of the time.  I'm indignant at this.

I was going to talk about the House premiere but... I dunno. It just doesn't inspire a lot of discussion out of me. I would be so totally pissed at Wilson right now, only I know it's all going to work out. See, House's characters are a little bit too safe. We know House and Wilson are going to stay friends, we know none of the main characters (and I don't count the new ducklings, but who cares about them, really?) are going to get fired or die anytime soon.

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